About me

Images speak louder than words... What will yours say about you? 

t's amazing how much an image can say with a certain pose.  Boudoir photography should not be cheesy or cheap looking, it should be SEXY and SENSUAL and even EDGY and RAW - all the things that look amazing on a woman!  My passion for boudoir photography started and bloomed with love for bridal photography.  Knowing how to pose a person is a gift and with every boudoir session I challenge myself to become better and better.   

My name is Evgenia and I am the gal behind Evgenia Ribinik Intimate Photography brand 🙂  Being a New Yorker, I absolutely love black and white images and try to incorporate them into my porfolio as often as possible.  Just like New York - trendy, unique and sexy, your images will be one of a kind.  The boudoir session is an amazing experience and something that should be done at least once in a woman's lifetime!

I am also very excited to tell you that I now offer couples boudoir photography as well.  It's such a fun and unique experience and an amazing gift to a couple who wants to take their relationship to the next level.

Browse through my site and make sure you are in love with my work - so that we can create as much magic with you!

Xoxo, Evgenia


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