Nov 17
10 Ways to Overcome Fear & Live Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
  So, lovely ladies… How many of you would like to try something new, but feel kind of scared? I totally understand. I’ve been there. However, I believe that the ability to take risks and do things outside of your comfort zone will help you learn about yourself and grow. I know that “comfort zones” got their name because it takes a lot to overcome fear. Fear can lure you into believing that it’s a scary world out there. But, when you take risks, you’ll be surprised at how liberating and rewarding it can be to break from the chains of fear. That being said, how about we all try something new this month? Let’s try to get out of our comfort zones a little bit. If you need some inspiration, here’s 10 ways to get you started! Switch up your routine. The sense of familiarity that a routine brings to your life gives you comfort because you know what to expect when you do certain things. Break out of the rut and feel more confident when you do things differently than you normally would. Experts say you will be more productive, as comfort kills productivity. Travel and meet new […]
Nov 10
10 Of The Sexiest Boudoir Photo Poses
An artistic and tasteful boudoir shoot is a combination of good photography style, a skilled photographer, and sexy boudoir photo poses. Boudoir can be many things, depending on how you approach it. It can be sexy, flirty, or beautiful – or a combination of all of these. A good boudoir photographer must be well versed in the best poses to master the desired style. Below is a list of the top boudoir photo poses incorporated into my sessions to create the most unique images!!! 1 – The Serpent The Serpent is one of the sexiest poses when it comes to boudoir photography. As client lies on the bed like a serpent, the curves of her body are highlighted. And, the right outfit can take this pose to another level!   2 – The Hangover This is another classic pose in a boudoir photo session. Its low difficulty level also makes it suitable for anyone. The client lies close to the edge of the bed with her hair hanging down. There are a few variations to this pose where the model’s head is hanging off the edge of the bed, or twisted to one side. The pose does not show the […]
Nov 03
Sporty Boudoir Photography Ideas
I have to say… There’s nothing sexier than a woman who takes good care of her body. Whether you’re hitting the gym several times a week or just taking some extra long walks on your lunch breaks, loving yourself is as sexy as you can get. So it’s no surprise to me that fitness or sporty boudoir photography is becoming one of the hottest trends in the industry right now — literally and figuratively speaking! The popularity of women showing off their gorgeous bods on Instagram isn’t just a phase. It’s something that’s inspiring women from all over the world to take good care of their bodies, too. After all, strong is beautiful!   Why Do A Sporty Boudoir Photoshoot? Boudoir photography, in general, is finally shedding the misconceptions that people have had about it for so long. Today, it has evolved into something classy and artistic in nature. The same can be said about sporty boudoir photography. Women posing for a sporty boudoir shoot can showcase their bodies and celebrate what they worked so hard to achieve. No matter what size or shape you may be, sporty boudoir photography allows you to flaunt it with confidence! Aside from showcasing […]
Oct 27
Boudoir Photo Albums And Print Boxes
So, you’ve just finished up your boudoir session. It was incredible, wasn’t it? I’m so proud of you for doing one. After all, it’s not easy to bare yourself in front of a camera —  especially if you haven’t done a photography shoot like this before. Now it’s time to have a little more fun. I’m talking about choosing how you’d like to preserve your boudoir photos. You see, after your shoot with me, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of album and presentation types. This will give you a unique way to cherish and store your photos, or even present them as a gift to your partner or loved one! Classic Boudoir Photo Albums You simply can’t go wrong with a classic boudoir album, which includes a one-piece wraparound cover design. I love the classic album because you can customize it. Choose thick or thin pages. Have the photos printed onto a 10 or even 50-page spread (page length will vary depending on the type of paper you choose). There are also different finishing options available, such as a pebble texture, a fine linen texture, or a luster coating. No matter what you decide, your photos […]
Oct 13
When should you consider taking boudoir photos?
  “When, oh when to take boudoir photos?” That’s a question I hear quite often! Usually, it’s asked by women who are feeling pretty intimidated with the idea, but who are also excited about the thought of having this unique, empowering experience. So here’s what I tell them. You should take boudoir photos… When you want to celebrate you. When was the last time you did something for yourself? NO – shopping doesn’t count. I mean, when have you done something completely different? Slightly daring? Adventurous? You probably can’t remember it, right? Well, a boudoir photography session is a great way to solve that problem. It’s a simple and unique way to celebrate you! The most important thing to remember is to hire a professional photographer with plenty of experience taking boudoir photo sessions. They can capture the best images of you that you can be proud of. When you’re swept up with other priorities in life, such as family and career, you don’t often get to celebrate your confident and sexy self. For once, you have to do something for you — and believe me, you’ll thank yourself for it later.     When you want to feel empowered. […]
Sep 15
A Wedding Boudoir Photography Review You Need To Read
  Are you wondering what you can gift your partner to “wow” them on your wedding day? Wonder no more. Ladies, it’s all about boudoir! If you’re hesitating at all when it comes to stripping down in front of the camera, this is a wedding boudoir photography review that you absolutely must read! It was sent to me by a recent client who was truly amazing to work with. Here’s what she said about her boudoir experience: “As I was approaching my wedding, and was thinking of wedding gifts for my fiancé, a friend of mine told me about boudoir. Right away I thought how can I be comfortable posing half naked in front of a camera for a stranger? I later thought that this could be something very personal and sexy for my soon to be husband, so I did some research and finally found Evgenia and fell in love with her gorgeous empowering sexy photos taken in the most amazing lighting. I decided to reach out and give it a shot, but was still nervous until I got to the shoot. She really made me feel beautiful and have so much fun while doing so. She is so […]
Sep 01
Why All Brides Should Do A Boudoir Session
  Calling all brides-to-be! Tell me… have you ever considered doing a bridal boudoir session? If you’re shaking your head, I have to ask: Why not? For many women, one of the most important parts of wedding planning is about getting that perfect wedding day look. So while you’re in the midst of prepping for the big day with tough workouts at the gym, visits to the hair salon and trips to the spa for facials and manicures, wouldn’t this really be the perfect time to do a bridal boudoir photo session? Think about it… All of the time and effort you’ve been investing in loving yourself could be put to even more use!   Why I believe all brides should consider a bridal boudoir session I won’t deny that stripping down in front of a camera can be a scary thought! But before you dismiss the idea of a boudoir session, realize that boudoir is really all about you. Understand that boudoir is a celebration of every type of body. A bridal boudoir shoot is not only a testament to how much you love yourself, but it’s also an incredible gift to give to the person you’re promising to […]
Aug 18
What is a boudoir session like? Read this client testimonial!
  Boudoir photography: It’s all about the OMG moments! Ladies, I want you to be totally honest with yourselves. Are you interested in doing a boudoir photography session but you feel a little (ok, maybe a lot) afraid to book one? If so, you’re not alone. You may be wondering, “What is a boudoir session like? Is it scary?” To answer these questions, I thought it would be best for you to read what a recent client had to say about her boudoir session with me: “OMG Evgenia – these are BEAUTIFUL!!! How did you make me look like this!? This isn’t me!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap lol!! I went through them and I feel like I want to print them all LOL. I was able to give him the photographs last night. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM!!!!! His reaction: ‘HOLY. SHIT. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!’ The photos were beyond my expectation – they are absolutely gorgeous. You truly portrayed me in a way that I always wanted to look in my mind’s eye.  And they totally blew him away… He’s been going through them every time I see him, whispering to himself, ‘OMG… holy shit… so gorgeous.’ LOL. He’s so cute… Anyway, I […]
Aug 02
This Is What Makes Us Girls: A New Facebook Group For Women
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a place online to celebrate what makes us women unique, strong and beautiful? A place to get advice and support about any topic from your fellow girls? A place to meet new friends and share ideas about beauty, health, work and life in general? Well guess what? I happen to know the perfect place: my new Facebook group! It’s called “This Is What Makes Us Girls”, and I promise you’re going to love it.   Why create a Facebook group for women? As a boudoir photographer, I meet so many women. Although each woman is different in her own way, they are ALL strong, dynamic and totally inspirational. The best part of my job is seeing the incredible energy that each client brings to the session. And I thought: How cool would it be to create a space where all of these women (and more) could come to share stories, goals, struggles and achievements? And so, “This Is What Makes Us Girls” was born.     My goal with this Facebook group for women is to create a real community where we can thrive. Far too often, I feel that young girls are taught […]
May 03
Sexy Photoshoot With Karina Precious
I recently had the opportunity to photograph the lovely Karina Precious – which was an incredible time! This sexy photoshoot has just been featured on Vologlam, so take a minute to check it out and read the great interview with Karina! Here’s an excerpt:   How long have you been modeling? Are you a full time or part time model? If part time, what do you do for your main gig? Modelling has been my passion since I got into dancing, like 6 years ago. After I moved to New York it became my part time job although I am still shooting not very frequently but only when I am feeling inspired or impressed with photographer’s talent. In every day life I am a dancer and student in Fashion institute in New York. Read more…   
Apr 21
What Does a Boudoir Photo Session Involve?
  Are you curious about boudoir photography? Have you seen photos from any boudoir session shoots?  If you have, you might be wondering what a session like this involves. Maybe you know a girl who is about to be married and you’d like to get her a boudoir shoot as a gift. Or perhaps you are pregnant and you want to have a lovely memory of your blossoming body. If so, chances are that you’re wondering what to expect from a boudoir photo shoot. What is it really like to be front of a camera? *Hint, hint: It’s as sexy and thrilling as you imagined! Want to see? Take a look for yourself, and watch my new boudoir video right here!     Still have questions about your NYC boudoir session? Sure, my new video is a great example of how our time together goes, but let’s break the day down a little bit more. To be honest, everything actually begins way before you even walk through the door.     In fact, as soon as you book a session with me, I’ll send you my Boudoir Pinterest Guide to give you creative ideas about what you might want to wear, how you may […]
Apr 14
Boudoir Photography Is A Gift To Your Future Self
How can boudoir photography inspire you? Do something today that your future self will thank you for. How many times have you heard this quote? Too many times to count, probably! Well, it’s totally been my mantra this week. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about motivation. You see, when I speak to clients about boudoir photography, they often tell me that they want a favorite boudoir photograph or two to look back on, to remind themselves of how amazing and confident they felt in those moments… something to inspire them to live every day in that same state of mind. Imagine feeling that empowered. Every. Single. Day. I think that’s one of the most perfect ways to sum up the effects of boudoir.     Every boudoir photograph means more than just sexy If you’re reading this, chances are that boudoir is on your mind. Maybe you haven’t completely committed to doing a session yet, but if you’ve come this far, you probably have quite a bit of curiosity. So ask yourself right now: Why are you interested? Why do you want to do a boudoir shoot, and what do you hope to get out of it? Dig deep and find the answer within […]
Apr 07
A Boudoir Session Is The Best Gift For Her
  Thinking about getting your special lady a boudoir session? “What on earth am I going to get her?” Guys, how many times have you said this when it’s been your lady’s birthday or a special holiday? This year, instead of giving her flowers or candy, why not give her something that will last forever? Something that will make her feel sexy, empowered and confident. Something that’s a gift for the both of you. That’s right… you’ll love it too! I’m talking about a boudoir photo shoot. Now, I know you’ll want to give her the best experience possible. After all, she’s the love of your life. So when it comes to the best boudoir photography, here’s what you need to know…     The best boudoir photography is not only sexy… it’s totally fun. Let’s face it: A boudoir session shouldn’t be something that she dreads doing because she doesn’t feel comfortable. It should be 100% pure fun, and that is exactly how I’ll make it for her. Granted, many women will feel nervous and even scared at first. But remind her that this gift is from you, and that you want her to feel just as amazing as she makes you feel every […]
Apr 03
Boudoir Photos Are All About Confidence
  Need some confidence for a boudoir photo shoot? Should have. Could have. Would have. Nothing’s worse than having a list of regrets, don’t you agree? It’s not that we don’t have good intentions. But way too often, it’s fear that can hold us back from doing the things that we’d love to do. Sometimes it’s fear of failure. Other times, it’s fear of the unknown. Either way, fear can be the ultimate confidence killer!     So what are you supposed to do when you want to apply for a different job, pursue a new relationship or take some sexy boudoir shots… but you feel afraid?     First, know that you aren’t alone. Realize that everyone feels afraid from time to time. Everyone has self doubt. But what can set you apart from the rest is how you handle your fears.     My advice: Zap those negative thoughts, focus solely on your goals and truly believe you can achieve them. Because guess what? You can.     The definition of confidence is actually “the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.” So ask yourself: What do you truly want? Answer yourself truthfully… And then go for it!     You can do anything you […]
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