Boudoir: Not Just For Ladies
I love capturing fire. And by fire, I mean the natural sexiness, intensity and playfulness that’s seen in couples who are in true, blissful love. As you may have noticed, boudoir photography is getting lots and lots of buzz lately. And it should… it’s just so much fun! With this buzz, couples boudoir is also becoming increasingly popular. Yes, I said “couples”. It’s true: boudoir is not just for ladies! A session can be absolutely amazing when men join in the fun as well. After all, what better thing is there to share than feeling sexy and confident together? When you book a couples boudoir session with me, I’ll provide direction for all of the poses so that you and your significant other will feel completely comfortable. These professional sessions are always very fun and lively, and you’ll be amazed at the classy images they produce. Ready? Let’s make some incredible art.  
Couples Boudoir Photography
The incredible connection. The sexual chemistry and tension. The natural interaction between two people in love. For me, this is what couples boudoir photography is all about. Some may ask if the session can be awkward. After all, isn’t it difficult to get one person to relax in front of the camera – let alone two? My answers: No, and most definitely no! You and your partner will feel completely comfortable, as I provide direction for all of the poses. During my boudoir shoots, couples get to experience a very sexy reminder of how much in love they are, while also having fun shooting sensual, classy images. Let me show you why boudoir isn’t just for women. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, an engagement, or just the amazing euphoria of being in total love, you’ll end up with an intimate album of images to keep and cherish forever.  
Feb 17
ABOUT THE SESSION Boudoir session is not only about the final product but very much about the experience of itself.   Most of my boudoir clients come to me nervous about the session and unsure how they will look in front of camera.  Trust me, boudoir session is such a sexy and intimate experience, you will be sad once it’s over.  Your boudoir session will feel like a fashion shoot with wardrobe changes to give you a diverse selection of beautiful images to place in an album or to display as art prints. All boudoir sessions include: My Boudoir Pinterest Guide to give you ideas for your wardrobe selection. A hair and makeup artist to create your look and provide pampering so your shoot is fun and relaxing (I strongly suggest using my studio hair and makeup artist since she has a tremendous experience not only in boudoir makeup but wedding/special events makeup and knows the looks that look best in front of camera.  As an alternative, if you prefer to use your HMUA, you can come ready for the session). Wardrobe consultation at your shoot. 1 hour session Pose coaching during your shoot to give you a diverse set of images. A private […]
Feb 10
Loving Yourself Is The Greatest Revolution
Have you ever stopped in the middle of a crazy day and realized that any turmoil going on inside of you is exactly what’s going on outside? If you know what I’m talking about, then guess what? It’s time to spend a little time reflecting on what’s important: YOU! Never forget to cherish, nurture and truly love your body. What better way to begin than letting go of all the stress, and having your hair, nails and makeup done? It’s just a small step, but it will set you in the direction of feeling good about yourself. In my boudoir shoots, I always recommend that clients work with a hair and makeup artist beforehand. A little pampering makes them feel totally different during the session. After all, it’s not only the final product that’s important – it’s the session itself that is an amazing and unique experience.     We respect our clients privacy and never share images without a written consent.
Jan 16
Prints Box
Happy New Year, ladies!!! I am so excited about this new presentation box!!! This is what sexy boudoir photography is really all about!  What a stunning way to present your professional boudoir images. The box is offered in 2 sizes (4X6 or 5X7), comes in black and has an amazing velvety feel to it.  It can hold up to 30 images and they are beautifully packaged in tissue paper and silk ribbon.  Can you imagine how excited a person would be getting this gift?  Going through each print… You can also include a USB with all the images and the USB holds a print on its cover as well. I will start offering these boxes as a part of my package in this new year and you can order them already for Valentine’s day gift.  
Jan 10
What to wear to your boudoir photography shoot
You’ve taken a giant step. You’ve contacted me and made an appointment to have an incredible boudoir photography shoot. Now the big question looming on your mind is: What do I wear? Relax! This is a very common question that I get asked when a first-time client books my services. If you’ve never done a boudoir shoot before, I often suggest enjoying a day on the town shopping for lingerie. Or, if you love shopping that much, bring your best girlfriends and make it into a full weekend of fun! Boudoir is all about you, and spending the time to prepare yourself can be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable.  When you’re shopping for items to wear, make sure that you feel comfortable in them. Buy lingerie that reflects your own personal style, and avoid trying to wear something that really isn’t you. Some women choose to cover themselves up more than others during their boudoir shoots. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. Whether you choose a bodysuit or a barely-there thong, your choice of lingerie is simply a reflection of your unique personality. A good rule of thumb is that if you like how it looks in the mirror when you try it on, you will like […]
Dec 30
The Year Of You: Treat Yourself Well In 2017
It’s that time of the year… time to say goodbye to another 12 months gone by and start brand-spanking new again. Now let’s be honest with each other: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of January 1st? When I ask around, most people tell me it’s the day they’ll join the gym, or the day they’ll start saving more money. I look at the new year differently, though. To me, it represents a time that we, as women, should celebrate femininity and truly loving ourselves! All of you mothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives, single ladies — treat yourself well in the new year. Let’s indulge when it comes to loving ourselves. THAT is what 2017 should be about.   Treat Yourself Well In The New Year Just how do we treat ourselves like the incredible women we are? Here are a few ways that I recommend: Respect yourself! This is such a simple concept, but how many times a day do you find yourself engaging in negative self talk? The truth is, we all tend to beat ourselves up a little bit in some way or another… whether we get down about our weight, our inability to get a promotion or something […]
Dec 14
The Top 5 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Photography Session
“Me? Do a boudoir photography session?” you say, rolling your eyes at your friend who suggested it. How can you possibly do a boudoir photography shoot? That’s something that models and super confident women do. No way.  Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Believe me, I’ve heard it many times before, and it’s not an uncommon response. However, I’d like to share my top 5 reasons to do a boudoir photography session. Maybe you aren’t convinced now, but as you read through these good points, some may really surprise you. Come on… take a peek! 1. You’ll look fantastic. Getting your makeup, hair, nails and waxing done before a boudoir shoot will make you feel like a queen! And a professional photographer (like myself) knows how to pose you to show off your body type. Everyone is very different. No two women are alike, and my job is to bring out your most flattering features. While you may have the impression that boudoir is only for models, you couldn’t be more wrong. Boudoir is for everyone — especially YOU! 2. You will finally have some “you” time. Let’s face it, life is busy and hectic enough for women. Whether we’re working full time, running households, […]
Nov 30
Why wedding boudoir photography is the perfect groom’s gift
Dress? Check! Cake? Check! Venue, photographer and bridesmaids’ gifts? Check, check, check! Groom’s gift? Ut oh. Ladies, what can you give your groom that he’ll really love? You know… something sentimental, yet thoughtful too. It can be so hard to find that perfect gift. But I have the solution, and I guarantee he’ll love it. I’m talking about a wedding boudoir photography shoot. Now before you say, “No, I won’t do that! I need to lose weight. I don’t like how I look in photos,” just hear me out. Chances are you probably don’t know a whole lot about wedding boudoir photography shoots… so before you say no, read this. You may just change your mind! The wedding boudoir photography shoot: What’s it all about? During a boudoir shoot, a photographer (like myself) takes sensual and tasteful photos of a bride wearing lingerie. Now tell me what hubby-to-be wouldn’t want to see their bride exuding sexy confidence in her favorite lingerie? Even if you don’t have total confidence going into the shoot, believe me, you’ll feel it while you’re having fun taking photos. Typically, brides choose to hire a professional boudoir photographer — one who specializes specifically in boudoir photos — for the shoot. I’m one of […]
May 05
What is my take on the boudoir session…
I have been shooting boudoir for a few years now and you might think a professional boudoir photographer might be tired and out of ideas… It is actually quite the opposite!  I get so excited every time a new client contacts me for a intimate photography session.  I love discussing outfits, talk about client’s insecurities… I live for the moment they open up to me and feel comfortable with me – before they’ve even seen any of their images. I watch women transform. They go from being nervous, self-conscious, and shy to becoming this free-spirited, confident being with a glowing aura and a smile that I can’t even describe. These women go from standing in front of me in their underwear with their arms crossed, trying to cover themselves, to LITERALLY dancing around (sometimes butt naked:)  Boudoir will change you – I have witnessed it over and over and over.
Apr 05
Why I hate a word plus size
I have always been a curvy girl… Well, not when I was 5 of course, but around 16-17 and up until now I have been between size 8-12… I love myself for not being a toothpick and you get to appreciate your body with age, especially when you you have kids.  That’s why I always love capturing curvy girls!!! Big girls, small girls, bottom or top heavy – it’s all beautiful!!!  A true professional boudoir photographer always is a few steps ahead with the most flattering poses and ideas.  Whether we shoot in your house or in my boudoir photography studio location, we will make sure you look the most radiant!!!  
Feb 05
let me showcase your beauty…
Boudoir photography is so much more than just some images of you. I meet so many women and not one ever said – ok, I am ready, shoot away! First sentence that I hear is: I need to loose weight, get on my exercise routine, drop a few pounds, cut my hair, do this, do that… I know It’s nerve racking and sometimes even intimidating to get undressed and pose in front of camera and a stranger. I know it, I have been on the other side of the lens and I have photographed hundreds of women. But if I can just show you how truly beautiful you are and that beauty doesn’t particularly means just your outside beauty but your inside beauty and soul as well – you will change your perception of yourself. Have an awesome weekend, lovelies!
Jan 18
How to prepare for your upcoming boudoir session
If you are reading this post, you have probably booked me for your intimate photography session.  We have discussed your boudoir session ideas and went over my Pinterest lingerie suggestions.  However, that’s not all!  There are a few more points that will help you look your best best on your BOUDOIR day!  Try to stay away from alcohol and drink plenty of water the night before the session.  I know it sounds weird but it will help with unwanted bags under your eyes as well as keep your skin nice and bright. I offer makeup/hair packages but if you decide to use your preferred vendor, that’s totally cool!  Makeup and hair are very important not only for your look but also for feeling special during the shoot. Don’t forget manicure and pedicure as well as wax!  nothing too wild but whatever you usually do to feel your best will be what you will want to do for your boudoir session. Wear loose fitting clothes as well as not too tight of bra straps… It will leave unwanted marks and who wants to see that?:) SLEEP!  So important to get a good night sleep… Your eyes will thank you! See you soon to […]
Dec 28
Why women do boudoir photography…
Boudoir is so much more than a few pictures in a bra… “Last forty percent” boudoir studio is probably one of a very few and favorite boudoir photographers of mine.  Recently I came across their interview.  Very interesting, see for yourself!
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