December 9, 2021

2022’s Top Luxury Gift: A Photo Session Gift Certificate!

“It’s a gift for my wife,” the email started out. “She follows you on Instagram and sent me a link a while ago that she wanted to do the shoot. And she said she loves your work.” 

With the holidays here, I’ve been receiving more and more messages like these. I’m absolutely thrilled to see so many people wanting to gift their partners a photo session gift certificate! Not only is this one of the top luxury gifts for women for 2022, but let’s face it… it’s the most unique gift you can ever give her!

The best gifts are the ones that say, “I can’t imagine life without you.” And that’s exactly what a portrait or boudoir photoshoot will let her know. Women love to receive gifts, especially if they’re romantic and thoughtful. A photoshoot is a priceless experience that she’ll treasure for the rest of her life.

photo session gift certificate

A photo session gift certificate is the perfect way to give her the gift of PASSION.

As much as flowers and chocolates have their place in special occasions like the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, they don’t really convey a deep message of just how much you love her. There’s nothing like showing your love and devotion with a present that will seriously ignite a fire in her heart!

A boudoir or portrait photoshoot will give her an opportunity to explore something she’s always wanted to do. These photos are more than just lingerie shots and racy poses – they’re an art form that will capture her beauty.

Everyone has a story to tell, and boudoir helps convey it through photos. It’s not just a way for women to celebrate their bodies—they’re getting to show off their personalities, too.

best anniversary gifts for girlfriend
best anniversary gift for wife

Give her the gift of FUN.

If you want your gift to show that you care about her well-being, a wonderful day getting pampered and treated like a queen at a boudoir photoshoot is the way to go. A present like this conveys that her feelings and needs are incredibly important to you.

When she arrives for her session, we’ll create beautiful, sensual and playful portraits. Most women aren’t used to being the center of attention, let alone in front of a camera. It’s important for them to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, so luxurious lingerie, makeup and hair styling all play a very important role in the day. 

photoshoot gift certificate
photo gift certificate

Give her the gift of YOUR TIME.

If you really want to give her an amazing gift, why not join in the photoshoot fun yourself? To have a successful relationship, you have to spend time together! In our fast-paced world, it’s important to take time for yourself and be there for your significant other.

Couples boudoir photography brings out the best in both partners. It can be used as a gift, to spice up a marriage, or to simply commemorate the beauty of a loving relationship. There are many different poses and themes for couples boudoir photography, and you can choose one that fits your personality best.

Guys, I know you may be thinking – “I can’t imagine doing a photoshoot!” But I promise that it will be incredible and that you’ll both cherish these photos forever. A couples boudoir shoot can really bring you closer together with your partner. She’ll be so surprised to find out that you want to do this with her!

couple photoshoot nyc

Some couples even opt to use a session to celebrate a pregnancy. 

“I want to buy a maternity boudoir gift for my wife. We are expecting in early April so sometime in February?” This is another inquiry I recently received from an excited dad-to-be. 

Many couples love maternity photography because it allows them to recall the feelings they had when they first found out that they were going to have a baby. It’s one of the biggest moments in a couple’s life, and they want to remember how they felt at that special time.

pregnancy photoshoot nyc

Give her the gift of “HERSELF”!

The best gift you can give someone is the gift of themselves.

Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget to take some time for ourselves. We aren’t always able to give ourselves something extra special. A photo session gift certificate gift will give her the chance to do something she really wants to do – and most importantly, something that will help her relax and rejuvenate.

photography gift certificate

Ready to purchase a photo session gift certificate for her?

Contact me today, and let’s plan how to make your gift to her the most amazing one ever!


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