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October 26, 2021

8 Couples Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas Shy Couples Will LOVE!

This blog is for all of the couples who are curious about trying boudoir but are feeling shy! After hearing from many of you, I’ve put together couples boudoir photoshoot ideas to inspire you and give you confidence that you can have an amazing time like these couples below.

couples boudoir photoshoot ideas


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Why Try A Couples Boudoir Shoot?

If you’re looking to celebrate the love and passion you share with your partner, there’s no better way than with a couples boudoir session. Sure, you both know how you feel about each other, but you’ve never been able to see it through each other’s eyes. Boudoir is amazing because it beautifully captures your most tender and intimate moments.

Boudoir sessions are perfect for couples of all genders, sexual orientations, and body types. I realize that many people feel shy or nervous about getting their photo taken – but couples boudoir photography is different from ‘traditional’ portraiture. It captures the intimacy of the moments shared between partners rather than focusing on a particular look or expression.

There’s such a uniqueness to how you and your partner move together and express your affection. It’s something that only the two of you understand but probably never saw from an outside perspective. This experience is your opportunity to freeze these moments in time and celebrate your love.

For many couples, boudoir is also a chance to get creative together through photography. It allows couples lots of room to take their relationship to the next level by capturing their chemistry and passion for each other. This builds a sense of connection and can strengthen your bond.

Some women even like to bring their partners along to a maternity boudoir session… and then the session also serves as a couples shoot!

couples maternity photoshoot

How to Prepare for Your Couples Boudoir Session

If you’re thinking about scheduling a boudoir session with your partner, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

Make Sure You’re Comfortable With Each Other

You’ll want to make sure that you’re both comfortable with working together in an intimate setting. While you might be completely open to the idea, your partner may have some reservations.

Remind your partner that these sessions can be a liberating experience that can help bring you closer together. You only need to show as little or as much as you’re both comfortable with. 

Also, note that these images are about capturing you as a couple; you’re not following a playbook of poses that don’t feel natural or authentically you. While the poses are intimate and tender – there can be a level of playfulness too.

couples boudoir ideas

Choose Outfits You Feel Great In

Are you looking for something more glam and luxurious? Or would you prefer a more candid, playful mood in your loungewear intimates? The choice is ultimately yours, and you can also do some outfit changes throughout your session for some different looks.

For women, the clothing choices are endless. For example, if you work with me, I have a whole closet of boudoir outfits for you to try on.

For men, the options are equally empowering. They include:

·  Suit

·  Suit pants/button-down shirt

·  Jeans/t-shirt

·  Jeans/button-down shirt

·  Just jeans

·  Fitted underwear

Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure you’re comfortable and can move freely. The best photo sessions result from couples who feel confident in their outfits and the setting that they’re in.

couples boudoir photoshoot ideas

Make Sure That You and Your Photographer are on the Same Page

Getting on the same page with your boudoir photographer is essential to feeling comfortable and natural in front of the camera. You’ll want to find a photographer whose portfolio of boudoir work reflects the style and mood you’re looking for.

Take the time to explore their website to get a general feel for how they work with their couples and what to expect on the day of the session. 

Make sure your photographer is aware of your vision to ensure that you achieve your desired results.

Get Inspiration From These 8 Couples Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas

Throughout your shoot, you shouldn’t ever do anything that you’re uncomfortable with. The following couples boudoir photoshoot ideas are suggestions. But remember: YOU are in complete control of your boudoir experience.

Undressing Each Other

The physical act of undressing can be seen as an expression of trust for one another. You’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position to let your partner see all sides of you. It can be a very intimate experience for you both as you ease into the session with your photographer. Your undressing can be as romantic or as light-hearted as feels natural in the moment.

couples boudoir photo shoot ideas

Candid and Playful

The idea is that you’re having fun together, playfully exploring each other’s bodies as well as the setting itself. This photo idea is excellent for couples who want to capture intimate moments without getting too dramatic or glamourous. Your photographer will work with your energy to capture each moment as it happens – creating photos that appear natural and effortless.

couples boudoir photographer nyc

Gazing into Each Other’s Eyes

Gazing into each other’s eyes creates a feeling of vulnerability. While it may seem like a simple act, the resulting photos can be breathtaking. A simple gaze can say so much! It’s also a way to connect and feel safe with your partner in this new experience. 

As you gaze into your partner’s eyes, you can explore their body with your hands and transition into different poses.

couples boudoir poses

Leaning In or Sharing a Kiss

Leaning in for a kiss and holding it before giving in creates a fiery tension that translates beautifully in photos. If you’d prefer not to kiss, this is a passionate way to explore your intimacy without locking lips.

There are many forms of kissing – whether it’s gentle and romantic or uninhibited, the resulting photos will capture each moment in a way you’ll love.

couples boudoir photography

Laying on Your Partner’s Chest

Having one partner lay on the other’s chest is a very loving and affectionate pose that makes for some incredible photos. It allows couples to explore their nurturing sides. This is excellent for those who want a more candid-looking shot. Again, depending on the style of photo you want – you can make this pose look softer or more sensual with some guidance from your photographer.

couples boudoir poses

Silhouettes and Close-ups

These two ideas can create some stylistic shots, especially for couples who are a bit camera shy. You can stand together, look over your partner’s shoulder, or lay with each other – whatever feels most comfortable. 

Photographers who use natural light work well for this style. They capture more than just skin and touch, but individual features and moments that tell your story.

couples boudoir photoshoot ideas in brooklyn nyc

Sitting in Your Partner’s Lap

Sitting in your partner’s lap creates a sense of intimacy. As you’re wrapped up in each other, you’ve created a safe haven for just the two of you. Depending on how you’re sitting and holding each other, it can go from being quite playful to more sensual. 

couples boudoir photography

Laying Down, Exploring Each Other’s Bodies

Laying down on top of or alongside your partner enables you to explore each other’s bodies through touch. The gentle touches and soft kisses may lead to more intimate poses.

couples boudoir portraits

Ready To Book Your Session?

Of course, the best couples boudoir photoshoot ideas are those that allow you to just be yourselves! If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at my couples boudoir gallery

I would love to be the photographer who helps you celebrate your love in an artistic and beautiful way. Feel free to contact me or visit my Q&A for any questions you may have. 

When you’re ready, schedule your session with me for an empowering and unforgettable experience.


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