September 23, 2019

A Bride-To-Be Photoshoot That Will Make His Jaw Drop!

Earlier this summer, I received an email inquiry. “I’ve been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for some time, and I am getting married in October,” the message read. “I think it is perfect timing and a great gift for my future husband.”

This is how I first met Ms. T., and I’m so happy that I did. I certainly agree with her: a boudoir photoshoot and boudoir album is so far the most unique wedding gift to your partner. It’s also a fabulous way to show off all the hard work you’ve put in to look captivating on your Big Day. In just a few hours, bridal boudoir photos will transform you into the most empowered version of you, ever. Of course, I could talk about boudoir photography all day, but I will let the photos from our shoot speak for themselves…

bride-to-be photoshoot in nyc

I love bridal boudoir because you can get so creative with it. The photos can range from modest to smoking hot. It’s really all about what you want do. Every bride is different in terms of personality and comfort level.

To find out more about what Ms. T. had in mind for her shoot, I asked her what sexiness means to her. “Carnal, seductive, and playful,” she told me. Oh yes, I believe we captured just the right amount of each! What do you think?

Read what Ms. T. had to say about her bride-to-be photoshoot!

After our shoot, Ms. T.’s fiance simply could not get over her photos. He loved them! So did Ms. T.

“I finally got around to doing a boudoir shoot as a gift for my fiance,” Ms. T. wrote in a review. “I am so glad I went with Evgenia. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning and was always quick to respond to my emails and questions. The final product was more than I could hope for; the photos were all so amazing it was hard to narrow them down. I would 100% recommend Evgenia if you are considering a boudoir shoot, you will be so happy you did!!!”

Calling All Brides-To-Be!

The time leading up to your wedding is one of the most exciting times you’ll ever experience. Why not capture it forever? Years from now, you’ll thank yourself.

If you’re thinking about capturing your sexiness on camera, go for it, girl! I think you’ll be surprised at how fast your pre-wedding (and pre-boudoir) jitters will turn into sexy smiles and oh-so-dreamy looks. Let’s do this! Contact me today!




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