January 6, 2022

A luxury experience you MUST put on your bucket list!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a luxury experience? 

Maybe you’re picturing a tropical vacation to Fiji where there are no worries in the world for a week or two. Or an afternoon at your favorite high-end spa to be pampered from head to toe. 

Sometimes luxury isn’t about what you buy, but rather how you spend your time. When you make time for unique experiences like these, it’s almost like your whole life gets reset – and that can feel so refreshing!

So often we hear the word “luxury” and think of something that’s expensive. But luxury isn’t always about cost either… I really think it’s much deeper than that. It’s about a FEELING.

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Luxuries are things that make us feel amazing and give us a break from our everyday lives.

For me, the ultimate luxury experience is actually pretty simple: consistent self-care. I’m not talking about the type of self-care you do for a day or a weekend. I mean the type that you make a part of your lifestyle. 

I know I talk a lot in my blogs about the challenges of taking time for ourselves. Many of us say we’re too busy to think about self-care. Some of us even think we’re undeserving of self-care when there are so many other things going on in life. But all of this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It doesn’t matter how much is going on… Everyone deserves to spoil themselves every now and then with something luxurious. It can be something small, like a massage, manicure, or a long bath with candles and music. Maybe your favorite thing to do after a stressful day at work is to put on some Netflix, order take-out food, and binge-watch your favorite show while eating it!

Everyone has a different version of what self-care and luxury mean. All that’s important is finding something that you personally enjoy doing, and making it your top priority. I truly believe it’s essential to make time for yourself in order to have the energy and motivation you need to take on each new day

Taking time out can also help you discover things about yourself that you might not know otherwise or might have forgotten about. I find many of my boudoir clients think they’re totally shy or that they hate having their photos taken… until they try boudoir. 

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Boudoir is an ultra luxury experience everyone should try at least once.

As a boudoir photographer, the whole idea behind my shoots is to make clients feel beautiful by capturing them in their most confident light. There’s that word “feel” again!

My goal has always been to provide a luxury experience to every person who walks through my Brooklyn studio door. Boudoir can be an empowering self-care adventure that helps someone feel good about their body and the way they look. It may also give them insight into what makes them happy, or it may even help them find out if they’re ready for a change in life goals. It really is that powerful!

I always encourage my clients to trust their instincts and make the shoot about having the most fun possible. I work to create the perfect setting and lighting that highlights all of their best features. Most try on different outfits from my boudoir closet, which is always exciting.

Along with my hair and makeup artist Olga, we help these women (and yes, men too) feel their best EVER. Afterward, it’s always such a fabulous thing to see them feeling powerful and confident. 

The photos may be sensual, but they’re also tasteful and classy. And whether it’s confidence, empowerment, or exhilaration – my clients always tell me that they leave feeling something they were previously missing. Here are just a few of their comments, in their own words:

Everyone should have this experience – I felt beautiful and empowered.”

“The experience made me feel like a supermodel, seriously! The photo album she created really came out amazing and I couldn’t believe that it was actually me in some of the photos.”

“I left her studio feeling confident and sexy. I was counting the days until I went back to visit the studio to view and choose my pictures and OMG, I couldn’t believe that it was me in the photos! And I wanted them ALL, no joking. This photoshoot was an experience that I’ll never forget!”

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Why not add a luxurious boudoir photoshoot to your bucket list?

I believe 2022 is THE time to celebrate and love yourself! Most importantly, I want you to know that I’m here to help you do just that. 

You are beautiful, sensual, and unique. You deserve to feel confident in your skin and comfortable in your own body. So contact me and let’s create a luxury experience that you’ll never forget. You may love it so much, you may add it to your bucket list all over again!


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