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April 7, 2017

A Boudoir Session Is The Best Gift For Her

Woman in lingerie enjoying the best boudoir photography session


Thinking about getting your special lady a boudoir session?

“What on earth am I going to get her?” Guys, how many times have you said this when it’s been your lady’s birthday or a special holiday? This year, instead of giving her flowers or candy, why not give her something that will last forever? Something that will make her feel sexy, empowered and confident. Something that’s a gift for the both of you. That’s right… you’ll love it too! I’m talking about a boudoir photo shoot. Now, I know you’ll want to give her the best experience possible. After all, she’s the love of your life. So when it comes to the best boudoir photography, here’s what you need to know…


Model wearing a black see through top


The best boudoir photography is not only sexy… it’s totally fun.

Let’s face it: A boudoir session shouldn’t be something that she dreads doing because she doesn’t feel comfortable. It should be 100% pure fun, and that is exactly how I’ll make it for her. Granted, many women will feel nervous and even scared at first. But remind her that this gift is from you, and that you want her to feel just as amazing as she makes you feel every day. And then leave the rest to me.


Intimate photo of a model wearing red lingerie


From the moment she contacts me, I will start her on the path to thinking, looking and feeling incredible. First, I’ll show her my Boudoir Pinterest Guide. This will allow her to glance at some great inspirational photos, and will give her creative ideas about what she may want to wear, how she may want to have her hair and makeup done, and ways that she might want to pose. This in itself is a lesson in fun.


A topless model at a NYC boudoir session


Once we discuss her likes and dislikes, I’ll mention that she should have her hair and makeup professionally done for the photo shoot. Professionals do know what works best in front of the camera. If she doesn’t have a hair and makeup artist in mind, I will suggest a fantastic one that I work with. I’ll also tell her that it’s a great time to start shopping for some sexy lingerie. More fun!


Nude model laying on a bed


On the day of the shoot, I’ll meet with her and guide her every step of the way — from wardrobe consultation to posing for her shots. I will coach her throughout the session so that she’s totally comfortable and knows what to do. She’ll feel glamorous and completely empowered. Don’t be surprised if she’s a little sad when it’s all over.


A woman wearing a tank top during an intimate photo session


Afterwards, she’ll come home and tell you how the day seemed to fly by, how amazing she feels, and how she can’t wait to do it again! And you’ll feel amazing too… for making her so happy.


Karina Precious on a NYC hotel balcony during a boudoir photoshoot


Ready to give her the best gift ever?

Contact me and let’s get started! Trust me, she will love it. And she’ll give you photos to keep afterwards too…


A tattooed boudoir model in New York City


* We respect our clients’ privacy and never share images without a written consent.