February 22, 2019

Birthday boudoir was never so inspiring!

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost into the third month of 2019! How many of you have been sticking to your New Year’s goals? If you’ve neglected them a little (or a lot), maybe you just need some inspiration to stay on track. So let me introduce my fabulous client, Ms. A.

“To be honest, sexy is not a word I would use at all to describe myself, which is weird considering I’m interested in doing a boudoir shoot,” Ms. A told me in the days leading up to her session. “But if I had to choose three words to describe what sexy is – and believe me, this took some time to think about, and I’m still not entirely sure of my answers – they would be confidence, kindness, and wit.”

Ms. A is no stranger to struggling with body image – especially after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. But instead of letting her insecurities rule her life, she went in the total opposite direction!

“When I turn 32 in March, I plan on being in the best shape of my life,” she said. “This shoot would be a birthday present to myself with a “This-Is-Me-This-Is-32” sort of feel to it.”

Well, Ms. A, you certainly accomplished your birthday goal! And now you have the photos to prove how fierce, strong and gorgeous you are at 32 and and beyond. Not only that, but you’re inspiring all of the women who are out there reading this right now. You’re showing them that they too can accomplish anything, no matter what obstacles they face.

“Boudoir is strong and sensual,” Ms. A told me. “But it’s also brave and beautiful and bad-ass all rolled into one!”

Read Ms. A’s review of her birthday boudoir photoshoot

“It’s been on my bucket list for a while now to do a boudoir shoot, and this year, as part of my New Year’s resolution, I decided this was going to be the year. I decided this was all for me, a birthday gift to myself, and embarked on my internet research to find my photographer. I found Evgenia, and to put it simply, SHE IS THE BEST.

From the very first email, she’s very responsive, and answers any and all questions you may have. The entire experience from beginning to end was AMAZING.

Her website? Beautiful. Her catalog? Beautiful. And the images that resulted from the shoot? HOLY CRAP I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT WAS ME. I have zero experience modeling and posing, and she tells you EXACTLY what to do. She makes you feel so comfortable that you basically forget you’re in your underwear.

If you’re thinking of doing it, DO IT. And do it with Evgenia. You absolutely won’t regret it. You might even want to do it again.”

Thank you for trusting me to help you reach your goal, Ms. A! You’re a true inspiration to me and to women everywhere. You showed us all that every single accomplishment starts with one thing: the decision to try!

If you’re inspired by Ms. A as much as I am, contact me and let’s chat about your own goals. You have nothing to lose. There’s lots of time to make 2019 absolutely amazing!




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