My Latest Sensual Couples Boudoir Photoshoot
Are you wondering what it’s like to get in front of the camera with the love of your life and take some sensual shots? Are you just a tad bit curious what it’s really like to do a couples boudoir photoshoot? Well, it can be summed up in three words: HOT, HOT, HOT! Just take a look at the photos from one of my latest couples boudoir sessions here in my Industry City studio…       This amazing couple totally rocked! As you can see from the digital evidence, the energy between them was absolute fire! I had such an incredible time capturing their passion and love for each other. Their shoot was full of laughter and fun, and they told me that they can’t wait to come back for more! If you’re hesitant to book a session, don’t be. I know that you and your partner may feel nervous before the couples photoshoot begins, but trust me, those feelings will quickly disappear. Although the session can include various states of undress (if you want it to), you don’t have to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. I’ll show you how to pose for the camera so you don’t have […]
Nov 09
Welcome To A Judgement Free Zone
Boudoir photography means the world to me. If you look around my website and check out my Facebook group, you’ll clearly see that it is my world. So when I hear someone say how nervous they are to have their first boudoir shoot, I feel the need to put them at ease. It becomes my mission to show them how amazing the experience really is. After all, the last thing I want is someone to feel fear or anxiety, especially about their bodies. Save those emotions for job interviews or going to the dentist! But on a serious note, I know that thinking about stripping down in front of a stranger can feel nerve-wracking. As boudoir photographer, my number one priority on the day of your shoot is to make you feel totally at ease. My studio is a space that truly allows you to step out of your comfort zone. In fact, I like to call it the “judgment-free zone”!     You might think that women who are naturally confident or have bikini bodies are the only ones who take boudoir photos. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a huge percentage of boudoir photography clients are […]
Nov 02
What makes a woman sexy?
Do you think every body is sexy? I do. And it’s not just because I’m a boudoir photographer. It’s because I’m a woman who knows that sexy is a state of mind. In my profession, I’m always getting asked questions like… “What if I’m not sexy enough for this photo shoot?” “Will this lingerie make me look good in photos?” “Am I curvy enough?” “Am I too curvy?”     Our society tries as hard as it can to dictate what sexy is. Why? Well, because products need to be sold. Movies need to be watched. And website traffic needs to be generated. Remember that the next time you feel inadequate while looking at models in magazines or celebrities on gossip sites. No thanks to society, our brains have become hardwired to believe that being sexy means being perfect. Because of this, the little voice in the back of our minds plays on repeat, asking if we’re really good enough. Oftentimes, we’re not sure. Our pants feel too tight, our grays are starting to show and we just want to hide. This type of thinking can wreak havoc on our personal lives, and some of us even develop self-destructive habits […]
Oct 26
Why Do A Boudoir Session? It’s All About Empowerment, Darling!
The fact that you’re reading this means that a doing boudoir shoot has you a tiny bit interested! So what’s your reason for wanting to take sensual, classy photos? Are you planning to give them to your significant other for your anniversary? Are you looking to rekindle your romance with your other half? Or have you been feeling kind of down about yourself lately, and you hope boudoir can help you feel good again? If you fall into this last category, more power to you! The decision to do something amazing for yourself is the first step to getting your power back.     Let’s face it… we women often have a hard time spoiling ourselves. We work, we raise families, and we just don’t have a lot of time. Sometimes it feels like we’re being selfish to take any time off at all. And when we do sneak in a few private minutes, we often look in the mirror and feel critical of ourselves. Sometimes we wish we didn’t even look in the first place. Sound familiar? This… after all of the incredible things we do! We fail to see that we’re beautiful, and in that, we fail ourselves. You […]
Oct 05
Celebrate The Best Year Yet With Birthday Boudoir!
I’m a firm believer that the best gifts can’t be bought at a store. They need to come straight from the heart! But I know it can be really tough to think of special gifts like these. They’re truly one in a million, because they make the recipient feel like they’re the number one person on the planet. The great news, though, is that boudoir is one of these rare gifts! When it’s your guy’s birthday (or your own special day), boudoir is the way to go! There are few things more badass than a sexy woman who’s confident in her own skin – whether she’s thin, plus size, or anything in between. It’s hard not to appreciate a woman who feels beautiful! If you’re thinking of taking birthday boudoir photos, realize that you don’t have to do a nude photo shoot. You can show as little or as much skin as you want. After all, when you feel sexy, you look sexy!       Boudoir As Birthday Gift For Him Men can be notoriously hard to shop for when it comes to birthday gifts. This year, why not make the gift yourself and surprise your sweetheart with birthday […]
Sep 28
Boudoir Lingerie Now Available During My Photo Shoots!
Choosing the perfect boudoir lingerie can be difficult — especially if you don’t have time to go shopping before your shoot. Believe me, Ladies, I understand how busy life can get! That’s why I’ve made it totally simple for you. When you book a boudoir photo shoot with me, you get access to a full closet of amazingly sexy lingerie to choose from and wear. I carry a variety of sizes, and have LOTS of options for curvy women. Once your session is over, you’ll return the lingerie and I’ll send it out for professional cleaning. How cool is that? Now you can have total peace of mind that you’ll look fab. Want to see some samples of what I have? Take a look:   Bra and Panty Sets Bra and panty sets are a classic choice and one of my favorites! For that super sexy, luxurious look, choose silk sets or sets with lace details. The best part about wearing a bra and panty set for a boudoir photo shoot is that you can explore many poses with it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to wear this type of lingerie, make […]
Sep 21
This Fall, Make A Self Care Plan That Includes A Boudoir Shoot!
If you keep up on the latest health and beauty news, self care is something that you’ve probably read about. A lot. Sure, you know how important it is. But do you really follow through with the good intentions you have for your body, mind and spirit? If your days are filled with juggling a career, family, and other responsibilities, it’s easy to make self care an afterthought. But this needs to change! You won’t be able to care for anyone unless you take care of yourself first. Since the seasons are changing, right now is really the best time to plan some self care tactics for the fall. *Hint… One of them includes a boudoir shoot!       The great outdoors is calling. Does your mood tend to feel gloomy during the autumn months? If you live in a cold-weather climate, the lack of sunshine can play a big role in this. After all, lower vitamin D levels can make you feel weak and sluggish. So make a proactive decision to go outside during fall. Get as much sunlight as you can while enjoying the amazing, colorful leaves. You can even exercise outside for an added bonus. If […]
Sep 14
Taking Boudoir Pictures For Yourself And No One Else
When you think about boudoir photography, do you think about taking sexy pictures to give as an intimate gift to a significant other? If so, you’re not wrong… Many women take boudoir pictures for this reason. But did you realize that a huge percentage of boudoir photography clients are actually single women? It’s true! Doing a boudoir photo shoot as a single woman can be so freeing and empowering. It’s not only a testament to self-love, but it can also be the ultimate confidence booster.   Boudoir allows single women to tap into their inner goddesses. Boudoir photography can do wonders for your self-confidence, as it allows you celebrate your sexuality. Being able to do that on your own – and not for someone else – is such an incredible feeling. In your day-to-day life, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your sexuality. But when you do a boudoir session, the focus is totally on this. Before your shoot, you can find yourself a sexy and beautiful lingerie set (or 5!) to take photos in. This will truly make you feel like a queen. Once you tap into your inner goddess, you’ll be floored at how […]
Sep 07
Overcoming Pregnancy Insecurities With Maternity Boudoir Photos
Boudoir photography sessions are artistic and filled with beauty. But there’s definitely something extra special about maternity boudoir photos – they never fail to leave us photographers in awe. Witnessing the transformation of the female form during pregnancy is a magical thing. It is an image of beauty and nature. Sadly, many pregnant women don’t see things through rose-colored glasses! Hormones, mood swings, back pain… all of these things can put a damper on magical moments. When you’re pregnant, your hormones can also wreack havoc on your thoughts, making you hate your body, and worse, yourself! Insecurities can definitely run rampant during pregnancy. But taking maternity boudoir photos can help overcome them. Find out how posing in front of the lens can turn things around when you’re feeling less than perfect about your pregnant body.     Maternity boudoir lets you confront your inner critic head on! The only way to overcome fear is to face it. The exact same philosophy applies with a maternity boudoir shoot. You may loathe looking at yourself in the mirror – seeing your belly, thicker thighs, and breasts. But beneath all of these physical changes that you loathe, there is that lurking fear. Fear […]
Aug 31
Want To Add A Wow Factor To Your Relationship? Try Couples Boudoir!
Are you looking to spice up your relationship? As you probably know, life can make it easy to forget about that passion you have with your partner. Work, kids, and all of the little day-to-day activities you have to do can send many relationships into a state of, well… boring! The good news is that you don’t have to settle for boring. You just have to do new things together as a couple to bring the wow factor back into your relationship. A couples boudoir photography shoot is an amazing way to do this. Couples boudoir photography helps establish a new kind of connection with your partner. When couples take photos together, they capture a connection forever. You can expect the same when you do a couples boudoir shoot. Only this type of connection is on a whole new level. A simple gesture such as holding hands, kissing, a downward glance, or a slight caress can be compelling when done in a tasteful way. Being able to connect in this intimate way brings you closer together as a couple.     Couples boudoir evokes passion. There are many couples out there who are together, but their souls don’t seem to be […]
Aug 24
Is Maternity Boudoir Photography Really A Thing?
Have you ever wondered if maternity boudoir photography was really a thing? The answer: You bet it is! In fact, the concept of a maternity photography shoot is nothing new… but adding boudoir elements to it is an amazing way to take it up a notch. There are plenty of reasons why doing a maternity boudoir photo session is rewarding. Keep reading!   Maternity boudoir photography will document this incredible time in your life. There’s nothing easy about being pregnant. The hormonal changes in your body bring about a wide array of emotions during this 9-month period. Needless to say, you don’t always feel your best. However, the struggles that you go through during pregnancy are also what make it worthwhile and rewarding – especially when you meet your precious little one after 9 months. Depending on how many children you want, this could be something that you’ll experience only once or a few times. A maternity boudoir photography shoot is a great way to document this time in your life. It freezes these moments in time so you can re-live them even when your children have grown into adults.   You’ll learn to embrace your changing body. When you get […]
Aug 17
Talk About An Amazing First Boudoir Photo Shoot
“If I had to pick a celebrity who embodies sex appeal – I’d say Salma Hayek,” Miss K told me. “I remember watching From Dusk Till Dawn. Have you seen it? That scene where she dances with the snake… and thinking wow she’s so confident… so sure of herself.“ I had to agree with Miss K. Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful — and wisest — women in Hollywood. “Three words that define my version of sexy are: confident, bold, secure,” Miss K continued. “Those are words I do NOT think of when I think of myself.” Let’s change that, I thought!     Miss K told me that she found my reviews and photos in The Knot. She contacted me about taking an engagement boudoir photo shoot. Her goal, though, was to gain a new perspective and a new way of thinking about her body. Like Salma Hayek, Miss K is a wise woman! Society can make us all feel pressured to look great, even when we don’t feel great. This often results in us being so hard on ourselves. I wanted Miss K throw away all of these negative feelings and just have fun for a day. […]
Aug 10
Regain Confidence With Boudoir Photography!
I don’t feel so great about myself anymore. When was the last time you thought this? Believe me, Ladies, everyone struggles with confidence at one time or another. This is true no matter what you look like or how successful you are. Sometimes we just don’t feel our best, and we wonder how we got to this point. How are we supposed to snap out of this mindset and see the beauty in our lives and in ourselves? By having confidence… that’s how!     “I lost my mother a couple of years ago, gained considerable weight and felt deeply insecure about my body,” Miss K wrote in her review of our recent boudoir session. “Yet, I wanted to take boudoir photos for my partner’s 50th birthday. I wanted to give him a special gift, but I also wanted to remind myself that my beauty is still there, no matter my weight.” Not only did I find Miss K to be absolutely gorgeous, but I also discovered that she’s incredibly smart. She knows that beautiful women come in every shape and size. It’s not about the size you wear — it’s how you wear your size. And if you have curves, […]
Aug 03
A Boudoir Shoot After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis
“Hi! I would like to have some beautiful shots taken sometime in June. I have breast cancer and will be having my mastectomy in July and want photographs before big changes happen to my body. I want something that reflects both beauty and strength.” This is an excerpt from an email that I received earlier this summer. It came from my client, Miss D. She’s one of the strongest and most empowering clients I have had the honor to photograph. “My celebrity style icon is Joan from Mad Men,” she told me. “I wear a lot of vintage, including vintage lingerie. I would say the sexiest things are strength, confidence, and playfulness.”     Ladies, whatever you’re going through in life, remember to love yourself. There will be good times and bad, but guess what? You’ll get through it. You’re tough. You’re powerful, and you’re uniquely YOU. Do yourself a favor too… Stop worrying about the little things. The stretch marks. The wrinkles. The grey hair. They. Don’t. Matter.     The secret to happiness isn’t being beautiful. It’s about realizing that life is beautiful. It’s about embracing your body, even when it’s going through a tough time. In those […]
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