Mar 18
One of my favorite boudoir sessions ever!
“I’m looking to book a session and shoot a series of sexy, professional shots for personal use!” my recent client Ms. C had written to me. I responded right away, asking her a little bit about herself. I wondered what sexy meant to her. “My mind immediately goes to a photo of Rihanna sitting by her fireplace wearing nothing but a bra and a fur,” Ms. C told me. “Before I saw this picture, I’d previously only ever seen another favorite of mine rock the bra-no-panties look: Paz de la Huerta.” “My idea of sexiness is lush, glamorous, and rock and roll. Like… wearing beautiful fur and silk but not a care in the world when it gets torn to shreds. Like a smoky eye that’s really just smudged eyeliner from a wild night. To me sexiness is confidence, sprezzatura, and BDE.” Ah, “sprezzatura”. This word stood out to me the most in Ms. C’s response. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s actually an Italian word that first came into light in Baldassare Castiglione’s The Book of the Courtier in the 1500’s. Castiglione defined sprezzatura as “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever […]
Mar 08
Happy International Women’s Day!
Yay! I’m so excited that March 8 is finally here. Do you know why? Because I get to say Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies! I love this day because it’s a time to stop and reflect on everything that makes us women unique, strong and beautiful. This year’s theme is “A balanced world is a better world”. It truly is. This time in history is incredible because women are leaders in the government, in boardrooms, in sports and everywhere in between. But balance isn’t just about women. When there’s equality, everyone thrives. The best thing about International Women’s Day is that it doesn’t end after 24 hours. This is a movement of our lifetimes, and it will continue all year long and for years to come. So in honor of this day, ask yourself: What will you do to make a positive difference for women everywhere? Remember, Ladies… Real queens fix each other’s crowns. If you’d like, share your thoughts in the comments! I would love to hear what you have to say. My own personal goal this year is to help women feel empowered… especially those who feel they lost their sense of self during hard times. Or those […]
Mar 01
I dare you to do a sensual photography shoot.
Has a friend ever dared you to do something that – quite literally – left you speechless? Maybe you laughed at her, and said “no way!” Maybe you rolled your eyes, shook your head, and walked away. Or maybe… just maybe… for a split second the thought crossed your mind that you should actually give it a shot. I realize I haven’t met most of you. But if you read my blog regularly, I’m hoping that you think of me as that little voice in your head who makes you feel good about your body image and yourself! This week, I (or that little voice) has a dare for you. This is a big one, so brace yourselves. I dare you to try a sensual photography shoot. If you’re going to accept my challenge, you’re going to have to be bold. Bolder than you’ve ever been, in fact. Sensual photography – or boudoir – requires you to take a look at the real you. Are you up for that? I realize that facing the real you can be scary. Many of us (and you’re not alone) feel afraid to look closely in the mirror or at photos of ourselves… because […]
Feb 22
Birthday boudoir was never so inspiring!
It’s hard to believe that we’re almost into the third month of 2019! How many of you have been sticking to your New Year’s goals? If you’ve neglected them a little (or a lot), maybe you just need some inspiration to stay on track. So let me introduce my fabulous client, Ms. A. “To be honest, sexy is not a word I would use at all to describe myself, which is weird considering I’m interested in doing a boudoir shoot,” Ms. A told me in the days leading up to her session. “But if I had to choose three words to describe what sexy is – and believe me, this took some time to think about, and I’m still not entirely sure of my answers – they would be confidence, kindness, and wit.” Ms. A is no stranger to struggling with body image – especially after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. But instead of letting her insecurities rule her life, she went in the total opposite direction! “When I turn 32 in March, I plan on being in the best shape of my life,” she said. “This shoot would be a birthday present to myself with a “This-Is-Me-This-Is-32” sort of […]
Feb 15
Boudoir images: What I see through the lens
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera during a boudoir photography session? As a photographer, my calling in life is capturing not only the beauty, but the uniqueness of each woman I photograph. I love helping them learn to cherish themselves so that they can feel a true sense of self love and self worth. There is no greater feeling! Today I’m going to give you some insight, and share just what I see in the boudoir images that I take… When I look through the lens, I see women who refuse to be held back in life – by others or by themselves. When someone says they “can’t”, they know they “can”. They don’t accept no for an answer. They are moms, business women, young women, grandmothers. They’re strong and brave. And they’re always up for a personal challenge… like being in front of the camera. They know how to look insecurity right in the eye and give it a wink. I see women from all walks of life — curvy, thin, and every single thing in between. And you know what? Each one is gorgeous in her own way, […]
Feb 08
Yes, Intimate Photography IS For You!
Have you ever been so close to booking a boudoir session, but chickened out at the last minute? Maybe you closed the window on your favorite boudoir site, carried on with life, and left your goal sitting in your browser history… to be deleted at a later date. When Ms. I. first contacted me, she was looking to take boudoir photos to gift her husband. “He loves black and white photography,” she told me. “I’m looking for something beautiful, raw, and edgy.” Little did I know, she almost didn’t take the chance. “Doing a boudoir shoot was something I had thought about for quite a while… at first not seriously. I was just checking out a few photographers’ galleries and thinking ‘There’s no WAY I can do that,'” Ms. I. told me. “You can always make a million excuses. I’m not in shape, I’m too old, I hate my hair, I’m too self conscious. But after months of thinking about it, researching it, and telling myself why I couldn’t do it, I found your site and something clicked. I thought maybe I can do that! It was Black Friday, and in a moment of shopping-induced euphoria, I did it. I […]
Feb 01
Brides-to-be: Add some bridal boudoir to your wedding planning!
Hello February! We may be in the middle of a polar vortex here in New York City, but the good news is that Spring 2019 isn’t too far off. And you know what warmer weather means… That’s right, Ladies — wedding season! This is truly one of my favorite times of year. I love the opportunities I get to work with brides who can’t wait to present their husbands-to-be with the gift of boudoir. Not only that, but it’s an amazing feeling to see the women I photograph gain such a spark of confidence in front of the camera. I know that they will carry that spark with them when they walk down the aisle. Is bridal boudoir for you? If you’re planning a wedding, I have some advice: Go. All. Out. This is one very important time in your life that you’re going to want to remember forever. Boudoir is one of the best ways to capture your pre-wedding glow. It’s the perfect way to celebrate all of the hard work you’re putting in to look fab for your Big Day. Sure, there will be some nerves involved… I won’t lie. But there will also be a ton of […]
Jan 25
Self care is the solution to a happier, healthier you.
How many of you have had one of those days lately? You know, when you wake to find the kids fighting, your husband searching frantically for his favorite shirt (you forgot to wash it), and your mom calling to remind you that she needs help around her house. Even the dogs won’t stop crying at you for their treats. And this is all before you leave for work. As you take a deep breath and prepare to face the world, you silently promise that you’ll take care of yourself tomorrow. How many of you have broken that promise? How many of you have broken it over and over again? No matter what you were raised to believe or what your life is like now, one thing is certain: Self care is not selfish. As women, we tend to feel like we have to do it all. We often feel the weight of responsibilities heavy on our souls. But if you don’t take time out to give yourself a little TLC, not only will your emotional and physical health suffer, but your burnout will affect how well you can take care of others when they really need you. Self care improves […]
Jan 21
The wow factor: A luxury boudoir photography experience
Sensuous, lacy Agent Provocateur lingerie. Snap. A classic pair of Louboutin heels. Snap, snap. Hair styled in gorgeous long waves. Makeup on point. Snap, snap, snap. There are boudoir photography shoots, and then there are luxury boudoir photography shoots. The difference? A luxury shoot shows you the “wow”. It’s a start-to-finish experience that goes beyond your wildest expectations. And it stays with you. Forever. A luxury boudoir photography shoot begins long before you walk into the studio. It starts when the photographer answers your inquiry and takes a lot of time to get to know the real you. She asks you questions like… “What does sexy mean to you?” “Why are you interested in doing a session?” “Who do you admire? Why?” By the time you walk though that studio door, you and your photographer already know each other. You’ve chatted and laughed. You’ve told her about your insecurities. But there’s a sense of comfort and ease because to you, she feels like a rock. She promises to introduce you to your inner goddess, and somehow you know – without meeting her in person yet – that she’ll deliver. Yes, you’re nervous… But you’re also excited to feel 100% amazing. […]
Jan 11
We’re in a confidence crisis, and it’s time to make a real change.
If you’ve had your eye on the news this week, you may have noticed quite a few articles talking about women struggling to find confidence. “Women are held back in the workplace by a lack of confidence in their own abilities,” Refinery 29 wrote as they explored the alarming trend of low confidence in women in tech. It’s not just tech, though, Ladies. It’s everywhere. Blistex, the lip care product brand, recently conducted a survey of British women. The topic: Confidence. The results: The women surveyed said they felt bad about themselves an average of 4 times a day. 61% said that they didn’t think of themselves as being confident. 7% said they never felt confident at all. And 28% said their confidence was easily altered. Yes, we are certainly in a confidence crisis and it’s time we made a real change. None of us deserves to feel bad about ourselves — and certainly not 4 times per day! I know that achieving self love is much easier said than done. Confidence doesn’t come easy – especially in a society that’s constantly showing us images of what it believes we should look like. As if we should all fit the […]
Jan 04
Boudoir Photography Images: The Perfect Gift For Your Guy
“Boudoir to me is a beautiful, artistic visual language expressing love, passion and all the feels,” my recent client Tonya told me. Wow, was she on point! I really could not have described the experience better myself! When Tonya first contacted me, she told me that she was in a long-distance relationship with the love of her life. Her goal: To give him an incredible collection of boudoir photography images to show him how she felt about him. As you can see from the photos below, she certainly achieved this! Before our photo shoot, I discovered that Tonya’s inspiration was Marylin Monroe. “Sexiness to me means sultry, playful and seductive,” she said. In her sexy boudoir session, we were able to capture this sentiment perfectly. While a boudoir session is something that can make us ladies feel confident and empowered, it’s also one of the most perfect gifts to give to a significant other. Imagine the look on your guy’s face when he sees you in your fiercest, most gorgeous moments. I truly can’t wait to hear what Tonya’s boyfriend thinks of her photos. After Tonya saw the results of her session, she sent me this little note: Hi Evgenia, […]
Dec 28
4 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions
As we wave goodbye to 2018, many of us have great intentions to kick off the next 12 months in a fabulous way. The problem with New Year’s resolutions, though, is that they’re rarely kept. Sure, we may start off strong – but by the time week two of January rolls around we’re typically back to our old ways. Maybe the problem is that we don’t make the right resolutions in the first place. Perhaps if our resolutions made us feel sexy, we’d want to see them through! So in honor of 2019, here’s 4 sexy New Year’s resolutions that you may want to keep…   Out with the old, in with the new! Wearing gorgeous, sexy underwear not only makes you feel empowered, but it’s a true act of self care. No matter what type of clothes you’re wearing, it’s what’s underneath that makes you feel your best! Start off this year by splurging on some beautiful, sexy bras and panties that make you feel like the goddess you really are. Toss in a teddy or a corset for good measure, too! Then clean out your undie drawer and get rid of old things that make you feel blah. There’s […]
Dec 21
Be Prepared… A Boudoir Photoshoot Will Change Your Life!
Like many women, you may be preparing to do a boudoir photoshoot in the new year. Maybe you’re planning to give the photos to your honey as the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Or perhaps you’re using the session as a well-deserved break after the hectic holidays are over. Whatever your reason is for booking a boudoir shoot, I have a warning for you… It’s going to change your life.     I’m not talking about a few minutes of feeling good. I mean that this experience is going to drastically alter everything you do in the days, weeks and even years to come. All I can say is: You’ve. Been. Warned.     After a boudoir shoot, suddenly everything you ever wanted – everything on the other side of fear – will come in to focus. For the first time in years, you’ll feel the drive to really go after these things without hesitation. You may say “enough” and walk away from a bad relationship or job. You may get the urge to travel, even if it’s alone. You may take a huge leap and give your heart completely and totally to someone. Boudoir shows you that you can do […]
Dec 14
Check Out My Do More Photographers Feature!
Are you all ready for the holiday season, Ladies? I have to say, the holidays have certainly brought me an amazing gift this year! I recently found out that my couples boudoir photography was featured on the Do More Photographers website! Check it out and give it a little love! As a proud member of Do More Photographers, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of a community of what I call “Boudoir Gods”! We come together to share ideas and to help each other and the industry grow. Thank you, Do More Photographers, for featuring me!     Speaking of the holidays… Have you decided what to gift your significant other yet? If you’re still searching everywhere for a gift that will wow him and having no luck, why not give the gift of boudoir? Braving the camera to take some super sexy shots is the perfect way to show someone you love them. Not only that, but it’s the perfect gift to yourself too. It gives you the opportunity to bid farewell to the insecurities and negative thoughts you had in 2018, and start 2019 fresh, confident and in love with simply being YOU. And if you want […]
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