April 22, 2019

Be who you want to be with body positive photography!

From a young age, girls are taught how to interpret beauty. Forty, thirty, and even twenty years ago, we were taught that the women on our favorite TV shows were beautiful. That’s why they made it on TV, after all. We were taught that the models on the catwalk were stunning. They were tall, thin, and so very graceful. To us, these women didn’t just have flawless faces and bodies… they seemed to have flawless lives because of how they looked.

Maybe we never said it out loud, but many of us grew up wishing we could look like these women. Many of us felt as though the universe dealt us an unfair hand. It’s was always so easy to mentally beat ourselves up, thinking things like…

Will I ever be enough?

How can I feel comfortable in my own skin?

Who will ever love me as I am?

Looking back, it’s crazy to see how growing up with this idea of what’s beautiful and what’s not may have set the stage for life-changing decisions that were made. For example…

If you had more confidence, would you have applied for that manager position at your job?

If you felt pretty, would you have asked your crush out?

How different would your life be right now if you grew up confident that you were beautiful inside and out?

Thankfully, these days beauty is being recognized for what it’s really all about: Being unique! It’s all inclusive. Now we can teach the younger generations that genuine beauty comes in every shape, size, height, color and sexual orientation. It comes with stretch marks. It comes with curves. It comes with no curves. Every. Person. Is. Beautiful.

But we shouldn’t just teach younger generations about this. We actually need to live it ourselves and set an example.

I love body positive photography because it teaches you about genuine beauty. No, you can’t change how you grew up, but you can certainly change how you think of yourself now and in the future. With body positive photography, you can be anyone you want to be. It’s really all about hope. It’s about resilience. And it’s about love. You can learn to love yourself even if you didn’t before. Sometimes, it only takes posing for a photo to understand just how good it feels to be you.

Want to see what this amazing feeling of self-love is all about? Contact me, and let me show you!