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August 18, 2023

Boudoir Hair and Makeup Ideas: Tips for At-Home or Professional Boudoir Looks

Boudoir shoots can tell a story, and the story your shoot tells is up to you.

There may be many different style options, and you’ll want to find the right one for you and your boudoir shoot.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated, because you’re not in this all alone.

Whether you are planning or preparing for your shoot, we are here to share some guidance and insight into which boudoir hair and makeup style might work best for you.

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How Hair and Makeup Can Add To — Or Distract From — Your Boudoir Shoot

What you wear in a boudoir shoot may matter, but it doesn’t matter as much as you.

Dressing up to dress down is half the fun, but it’s not the entire point of the shoot. You are. Your style and look for your boudoir shoot should highlight you and your personality, not detract or distract from it. 

Big hair and heavy makeup can be overly dramatic, and you could get lost in all that drama. You will want to balance your look and style with what you wear, and vice versa.

5 Boudoir Hair and Makeup Ideas

You are an individual. There is no other person on this earth that is you. We want to highlight that individuality in your boudoir shoot — and we’re going to need a little hair and makeup to do it. 

You will want to pick the boudoir hair and makeup style that is most innate to your character. You can give us ideas of what you like and Olga, our in-house makeup artist, will help you find the best fit for your shoot. 

boudoir hair and makeup ideas

Several styles you might draw inspiration from might be:

  • Glam
  • Natural
  • Pin-up
  • 90’s inspired

You could even mix or match styles, whatever makes you feel the best. If you’re unsure, Olga can help you find the right style and keep any of your boudoir hair and makeup ideas in mind.

#1: Glam

A glam boudoir makeup look generally includes:

  • Sculpted contouring
  • A bold lip
  • Soft base
  • Dramatic eyes
  • Defined brows

This look will pull attention to two main points of your face — your mouth and your eyes. 

For boudoir shoots, you may want to just choose one or the other. You could have a bold red lip with a soft nude eye, or smokey eyes with a nude lip. 

Two iconic examples of these glam makeup looks would be Marilyn Monroe (light eyes, defined brows, and a bold lip) and Jennifer Lopez (smokey eyes, a nude lip, and dramatic brows).

The boudoir hairstyle that may work best with a glam look might be:

  • Loose curls
  • Bedhead
  • Natural

#2: Soft Glam

A soft glam look may include:

  • Light cheek color
  • Soft glowy base
  • Light mascara
  • Light eyeshadow
  • Matte or nude lip

This look uses light makeup to enhance your natural beauty. It’s essentially a glam look without any sharp edges. It aims to be the sexiest look you can pull, but without trying so hard. 

A celebrity that is famous for their soft glam looks would be Margot Robbie.

Boudoir hairstyles that may suit this look best might be:

  • Straight 
  • Lightly waved

boudoir hair ideas

#3: Natural

A natural boudoir makeup look might include:

  • Neutral or pink lips
  • Flawless base
  • No contour
  • Lightly defined or feathered brows
  • Light cheeks 

This look aims for that “I woke up like this,” attitude.

Makeup is necessary for this look, but it is light and neutral with very little color. Aim for glowy skin with a touch of color on your favorite facial feature. 

A celebrity example of “the no-makeup makeup” look would be Zoey Kravitz.

A hairstyle you might pair with a natural boudoir makeup idea might be:

  • Curled and tousled hair
  • Loose waves

#4: Pin Up

A pin-up-inspired boudoir makeup idea might include:

  • Heavily-defined and shaped eyebrows
  • Bold red lips
  • Winged eyeliner
  • Nude or muted eyeshadow

This look brings out your inner vedette. Pin-up style is retro seduction, perfect for a “vintage” inspired boudoir shoot. 

A celebrity that fully embodies the pin-up boudoir hairstyle and makeup idea would be Dita Von Teese

Hairstyles that might suit a pin-up look might be:

  • Finger waves
  • Victory rolls
  • Curls 

boudoir hair and makeup ideas

#5: 90’s Inspired

90’s inspired makeup might feature:

  • Thin, defined eyebrows
  • Neutral tones
  • Bold, glossy lined lips
  • Little contour
  • Eyeliner on top and bottom lids

This look calls back an era where the style was seductive and earthy — and not lacking eyeliner or lipliner. This look makes perfect use of brown tones to make a bold statement. 

Hairstyles that might best suit 90’s inspired boudoir makeup might be:

  • Straightened
  • Blown out
  • Waved

4 Tips To Help You Decide on Boudoir Makeup Looks

ideas for boudoir hair and makeup

#1: Make Sure Your Makeup Style Matches the Lingerie You Plan To Wear

Your makeup and hair should complement the lingerie you will wear for your shoot. All elements of your look should reflect one another and your style. 

You want to create a look that embodies your sensuality and beauty, without making you look like you’re about to go out for the night. 

Your hair and makeup and lingerie should play onto one another. If you want a bolder makeup look, maybe go for a more subtle lingerie style. If you want a bolder lingerie style, then maybe go for a softer, natural boudoir makeup look.

#2: Be Specific About Your Hair and Makeup Inspiration Looks

Have a general idea of what styles suit you best. If you are still unsure, your makeup and hair professional should be able to help you find out what works best for your facial features and hair type. 

Bring multiple photos of the looks you may want. Be realistic about these photos. Makeup will not make you look exactly like your favorite celebrity. Choose looks that would suit you as the individual you are. This is your shoot, not Kim Kardashian’s.

#3: Be Honest About Your Thoughts on the Look

Your artists want you to love everything about your look, your shoot, and your photos. Don’t be afraid to represent yourself, this is about you.

If you have any opinions, share them. And if you have any questions, ask them.

The devil is in the details, so don’t feel like a little devil for being honest about what you like or dislike. 

#4: Stay True to Your Beauty

Boudoir shoots aim to capture the raw you. It’s okay to experiment a little with hair and makeup, but avoid trying a look you would never normally wear. 

We want you to recognize your beauty and authentic self. 

boudoir makeup ideas

FAQs About Boudoir Hair and Makeup Ideas

What Tips Should I Keep In Mind When Doing My Own Boudoir Hair and Makeup?

Some key tips to keep in mind if you choose to do your own boudoir hair and makeup might include:

  • Face: Moisturize and prime your skin before applying foundation. Stick to matte for full coverage and a BB cream with a light concealer for lighter coverage. You’ll want to pick face makeup that works best for your skin type and coverage needs. Avoid using shiny highlights as it may not work well with the lighting. 
  • Eyes: The windows to the soul are also an excellent feature to play up in your shoot. Don’t be afraid to make them the main attraction with more dramatic looks. Natural-looking fake eyelashes instead of mascara can help your eye look more open and avoid clumpy mascara.
  • Lips: Lipstick may help accentuate your pout and add warmth to your face. Own your boldness! There are plenty of colors to play with. If you choose to make your lips the main attraction of your makeup with a striking lip color, maybe downplay the rest of your makeup.
  • Eyebrows: Your eyebrows can help frame your eyes, especially if you decide to go for a dramatic eye makeup look. You should stick to how you naturally wear them but use makeup to accentuate their shape. 
  • Contour: Avoid over-contouring and stick to softer looks. Make sure you choose a contour color that matches your natural skin tone if you choose to contour. 
  • Cheeks: The camera can wash away a bit of color, so keep the blush light and playful. Be sure to use a blush color that compliments your skin tone. Blush placement can sometimes be important, so you may want to research where blush will look the best based on your face shape. 
  • Hair: Your hair is an extension of you and your style. Typically for boudoir shoots, the aim is to look sexy and effortless. Waves and curls create a tousled, seductive look. You also don’t have to limit yourself to one style. You could start the shoot with your hair pins, and then throughout the shoot remove them to create different looks. 

Should I Get My Hair and Makeup Professionally Done for My Boudoir Shoot?

If you are lacking in makeup skills, you may decide to have your makeup professionally done. But be aware that makeup artists with little boudoir hair and makeup experience may not know how to shape your style and makeup around the shoot. 

If you want to use a professional makeup artist, do your research and choose someone familiar with boudoir makeup. Some boudoir studios offer in-house makeup expertise and services.

At Evgenia Ribinik Studios, we have an in-house artist that is experienced in exposing the raw beauty in clients that choose our boudoir hair and makeup services. Olga will work with you to help you be your most radiant, natural self for your boudoir shoot. 

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How Much Does Boudoir Hair and Makeup Cost?

Prices for boudoir hair and makeup will vary in cost between makeup and hair artists.

A boudoir shoot is a luxury experience. You invest a good amount of money to have a shoot — because it is worth it. 

You’re going to want to look your best. You’re going to want to feel the most comfortable and confident that you can. You’re going to want to exhibit your best-looking self. 

This is easily achievable and highly convenient when you use a professional makeup artist, especially if that artist is experienced in boudoir hair and makeup

What Type of Boudoir Hair and Makeup Does Evgenia Ribinik Studios Specialize In?

It is important for a boudoir makeup artist to know how makeup can translate on camera. 

Olga, our in-house studio makeup artist, specializes in the “no makeup, makeup” look. She has plenty of experience highlighting the best features of our clients. She can help you accentuate your raw and natural beauty using makeup. 

Let Evgenia Ribinik Studios Help Your Beauty Shine Through in a Boudoir Shoot

Hair and makeup are not one-style fits-all — just like womanhood. Your boudoir shoot should be a showcasing of your individual feminine style through your clothing, hair, makeup, and art

We want to help you unveil the most authentic you.

I, Evgenia, have experience finding the right angles and shots to highlight your uniqueness and the style that best compliments you.

At Evgenia Ribinik Studies, we always aim for a positive body experience in a judgment-free environment. We have a fully stocked closet and our makeup professional, Olga, on-site to help ensure that your shoot is everything you could ever dream of. 

Are you ready to embrace your shine and beauty? Contact us today to get started.

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