April 1, 2019

Boudoir Inspiration That Will Make You Want To Book A Shoot ASAP!


There’s just something about the first day of April. It may have been March when you closed your eyes to go to sleep last night, but today there’s something different in the air. It feels exciting, fresh, and incredibly hopeful. April is a time for a renewal of the mind, body and soul. It’s a time to shed those heavy coats and boots and say hello to your gorgeous body that’s been hiding underneath all winter!

If you have a sexy photo shoot planned, or the little voice in your head is urging you to try one… I have some super hot boudoir inspiration for you. Just check out some of these photos from my most recent shoots in New York City and Las Vegas. 

It’s time to renew and recharge with a boudoir shoot!

There’s so many perfect reasons for doing a boudoir shoot this spring. My favorite one, though, is “just because”! Because let’s be honest: Do you really need to find a reason to celebrate yourself? Hell no! You should always celebrate being you.

A boudoir session is for everyone and anyone. It’s for the bride-to-be who wants to give her new husband the most romantic groom’s gift ever! It’s for the mom-to-be who wants to proudly show off her baby bump. It’s for the recently-promoted business woman who wants to celebrate how confident she feels. It’s for the woman who’s retiring and wants to feel gorgeous inside and out. Boudoir is also perfect for couples who want to feel sexy together. And, of course, it’s for the woman who woke up on this first day of April and realized how thankful she is to be on another trip around the sun this year!

Feeling inspired yet?

Don’t wait for another season to pass, Ladies. The time for loving yourself is now. If you’re thinking boudoir could possibly be for you, then let’s find out together.

Whether posing nude or in lingerie, or for empowering, fun or artistic reasons — the boudoir photos above are of women who simply wanted to feel amazing. They wanted their inner beauty to be seen. They want to feel confident, sexy and unique. As you can clearly see, they achieved this and so much more. Today it’s time to show yourself a little love too. Happy April!