October 27, 2017

Boudoir Photo Albums And Print Boxes

So, you’ve just finished up your boudoir session. It was incredible, wasn’t it? I’m so proud of you for doing one. After all, it’s not easy to bare yourself in front of a camera —  especially if you haven’t done a photography shoot like this before. Now it’s time to have a little more fun. I’m talking about choosing how you’d like to preserve your boudoir photos. You see, after your shoot with me, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of album and presentation types. This will give you a unique way to cherish and store your photos, or even present them as a gift to your partner or loved one!

Classic Boudoir Photo Albums

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic boudoir album, which includes a one-piece wraparound cover design. I love the classic album because you can customize it. Choose thick or thin pages. Have the photos printed onto a 10 or even 50-page spread (page length will vary depending on the type of paper you choose). There are also different finishing options available, such as a pebble texture, a fine linen texture, or a luster coating. No matter what you decide, your photos will be presented in a design that was made just for you!

Classic Boudoir Photo Album

Silver and Black Boudoir Photo Albums

Boudoir Albums On Display

Luxury Boudoir Photo Albums

It’s all about being artistic when it comes to your photos and your boudoir photo album! If you want a luxurious album that’s truly a piece of art, these handmade albums are for you. Whether you’re looking for an antique look, or a look inspired by high fashion, these albums will deliver. Their high end designs focus on texture and the quality of the materials used (such as fine leathers and designer fabrics). If you’re looking for the absolute best, look no further.


Luxury Boudoir Album

Luxury Boudoir Photo Albums

Displaying A Luxury Boudoir Photo Album

Sexy Boudoir Photos In An Album

Showcasing A Boudoir Album

Boudoir Album With Leather Cover

High End Boudoir Album

Boudoir Print Boxes

Boudoir print boxes are a totally unique way to store and present your boudoir photos. As the name implies, the photos are contained in a box that’s designed to suit the theme of your shoot. You can choose the color and the size of the box, as well as the type of paper to use for your premium prints (like classic felt paper or a deep matte). Boudoir print boxes are some of the most stunning presentations available for artistically inclined clients.

Boudoir Print Box

Print Box For Boudoir Photos

Displaying Boudoir Photos

 Luxury Folio Boxes

If you want a more luxurious way to present your boudoir photos in a box, the luxury folio box is the best option available. Your photos will be contained in a beautifully designed box made with metallic faux leather on the outside. The inside of the box is lined with a super soft material so your prints will be protected at all times. Some of the most popular box colors include silver, gold, and rose gold — which add to the elegant theme of the folio box. The box itself is easy to assemble and designed to collapse on two sides. This makes sliding the photos in very simple.


Luxury Folio Box For Boudoir Photos

Luxury Boudoir Print Box

Boudoir Photos On Display

 USB Drives

Last, but not least, you can preserve your boudoir photos on a 8 GB USB drive. This drive will contain all of the photos taken at your session. Having your photos saved on a USB drive is the ideal choice for clients who want every photo, and who would like to print an album in the future.


Boudoir Photos On USB Drives

Store Boudoir Photos On USB

Gold USB Drives For Boudoir Photography

 Ready to choose?

No matter what option you choose for storing and displaying your photos, one thing is certain: You’ll be able to look back on these photos several years from now with pride. Not everyone has the courage to do a boudoir shoot. That’s something to be proud of and worth preserving in the most beautiful way ever! Have questions about my boudoir photo albums and print boxes? Let’s talk!