Best Boudoir Poses
November 10, 2017

10 Of The Sexiest Boudoir Photo Poses

An artistic and tasteful boudoir shoot is a combination of good photography style, a skilled photographer, and sexy boudoir photo poses. Boudoir can be many things, depending on how you approach it. It can be sexy, flirty, or beautiful – or a combination of all of these. A good boudoir photographer must be well versed in the best poses to master the desired style. Below is a list of the top boudoir photo poses incorporated into my sessions to create the most unique images!!!

1 – The Serpent

The Serpent is one of the sexiest poses when it comes to boudoir photography. As client lies on the bed like a serpent, the curves of her body are highlighted. And, the right outfit can take this pose to another level!


Close Up Boudoir Photography New York

2 – The Hangover

This is another classic pose in a boudoir photo session. Its low difficulty level also makes it suitable for anyone. The client lies close to the edge of the bed with her hair hanging down. There are a few variations to this pose where the model’s head is hanging off the edge of the bed, or twisted to one side. The pose does not show the model’s face that much, but usually shows the contours of her face and body making it a very sexy photoshoot idea.  This adds a sense of mystery!


The Hangover Boudoir Pose

3 – The Back Arch Of Pleasure

As the name implies, this particular pose shows the client arching her back as if reacting to a heightened sense of pleasure. She can arch her back while on the floor, on the bed, or standing with her back against the wall. Either way, this is an ultra-sensual boudoir pose that is a must in a boudoir photography session!


maternity photography session

 4 – The ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Pose

There’s just something so sexy about a woman with bedhead hair and an effortless look about her. That’s the premise behind this particular pose. It can depict a woman in bed with her messy hair and undone shirt, or a woman playing with the bed covers. There’s a sense of playfulness to this pose, too, which makes it just perfect for a boudoir shoot!


I Just Woke Up Like This Boudoir Pose

5 – The Flirt

There are several variations to this type of boudoir photo pose and it’s up to the client to choose what she’s most comfortable with. There are also several angles to explore with this particular pose. The photographer can shoot from the feet or over the shoulder.  Depending on the specific flirty pose chosen and the angle of the camera, it can range from mildly hot to an extremely erotic shoot!


Flirty Boudoir Pose

6 – Sexy Legs Pose

A woman’s legs are one of the sexiest features about her. The Sexy Legs pose showcases that! As the name suggests, her legs are propped up against a specific background, such as the headboard of a bed or against the wall while she’s lying on the floor. This pose can use the legs as the focal point. It creates lots of drama and sensuality.


Best Boudoir Poses

7 – The Sensual Close Up

Sexy poses don’t just consist of shots of a woman’s body. Close-up details of her facial features are just as sensual when executed properly.


doudoir maddison 89 scaled

8 – The Butt Shot

If the client is comfortable with it, why not dare to do this particular shot? The type of lingerie worn for this pose can make the photo ultra-sexy!


The Butt Shot In Boudoir Photography

9 – The ‘Getting Dressed’ Pose

This is another example of how mundane tasks can turn sensual when incorporated into a boudoir photography session. You can use the theme of getting dressed up in the morning for the session. It’s the perfect example of a sexy glam boudoir photo session.


Getting Dressed Boudoir Pose

10 – Flow Posing

This pose consists of capturing the client in a natural and fluid state of movement. The client can be positioned on a bed, sofa, or on the floor doing a series of poses that are captured in succession. You will be amazed at the results!


Flow Posing For A NYC Boudoir Session

Want to be captured in these poses at your boudoir session?

Let’s get started! We can talk today about your goals for an incredible boudoir session. In the meantime, check out my boudoir gallery for more pose ideas to make your shoot amazing!