June 26, 2020

Spoil Yourself With A Boudoir Photo Session!

How are you, Ladies?! Listen. I’m not going to talk about the Q word in this blog (quarantine, if you hadn’t guessed). I promise. But I am going to talk about the exciting things happening now that it’s over here in NYC. If you’re like me, you’re in celebration mode over hair cuts and colors, manis and pedis, glowy summer makeup, and oh yes… shopping for some sexy little things (especially if they’re for a boudoir photo session). Can’t forget those! It’s time to spoil yourself rotten, because guess what? You deserve it!

A recent client, Ms. K, knew she sure deserved some self love and care. When she first reached out to me, she had this to say:

“I’ve been wanting to do a shoot for so long just for myself, but have always been too nervous to commit. I recently showed my fiance some boudoir photo examples, and he was super excited that I said I wanted to do one! It’s kind of for him, but mostly for me. I just want it to be sexy and sultry. I love the dramatic black and white photos, and the subtle half nudes, silhouettes, playing with lighting, etc. At some point I want to do a couples shoot too!”

And so, she came to visit me in my Brooklyn studio the other day for a boudoir photo session. We had such a blast being creative with boudoir poses and super sexy outfits (one of them was a simple white shirt, but look how we used it in the photos below). Isn’t she an absolute bombshell?

boudoir photo session
bridal boudoir in nyc
black and white boudoir photo
brooklyn boudoir session

Ms. K was a little nervous before the shoot. But that all went away so fast as soon as we started picking out things to wear and talking about how to pose. Seriously, who has time to be nervous when there’s so much to be excited about?

As we started shooting, Ms. K told me she felt like a brand new person in front of the camera. And that’s when it hit me. Many clients come to a boudoir photo session and think the camera, the lighting, the clothes or the poses change them during the few hours we spend together. They think it’s something outside of themselves that suddenly makes them glamorous and confident in these pictures. But, ladies, boudoir doesn’t change you at all. It simply brings your incredible qualities front and center where they belong. You were always glamorous. You always had the ability to be confident even if you didn’t use it. Too often we forget how awesome we are. Or worse – we never realize it at all. Boudoir shows you that you already have all of these qualities… and then it gives you the photographic evidence to forever remind yourself.

woman wearing lace lingerie
up close boudoir
sexy white shirt
posing for a nyc boudoir session

Ms. K rocked it the other day and you can too. I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t mention the Q word. Argh… I pinky promised! But let’s face it. Some of us were probably living in Q for years before any of this happened… metaphorically locked away from being our true selves. So let this summer be the time that you come outside any walls you’ve built up, get in front of the camera, and let your authentic self shine. It’s time.



PS During Q, I got myself a TikTok account! So come follow me at @evgeniaribinikstudios. I’m also on YouTube now too. See you there!


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