August 17, 2018

Talk About An Amazing First Boudoir Photo Shoot

“If I had to pick a celebrity who embodies sex appeal – I’d say Salma Hayek,” Miss K told me. “I remember watching From Dusk Till Dawn. Have you seen it? That scene where she dances with the snake… and thinking wow she’s so confident… so sure of herself.

I had to agree with Miss K. Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful — and wisest — women in Hollywood.

Three words that define my version of sexy are: confident, bold, secure,” Miss K continued. “Those are words I do NOT think of when I think of myself.”

Let’s change that, I thought!

Boudoir Photo Shoot

A boudoir session in Brooklyn

A sexy boudoir model poses on a chair

Miss K told me that she found my reviews and photos in The Knot. She contacted me about taking an engagement boudoir photo shoot. Her goal, though, was to gain a new perspective and a new way of thinking about her body. Like Salma Hayek, Miss K is a wise woman! Society can make us all feel pressured to look great, even when we don’t feel great. This often results in us being so hard on ourselves. I wanted Miss K throw away all of these negative feelings and just have fun for a day.

As you can see from her amazing photos, this goal was achieved!

Taking boudoir photos in NYC

A woman wearing sexy lingerie at her NY boudoir photo shoot

A first boudoir photo shoot

We had such a fantastic time at her boudoir photo shoot. I will say… she was pretty stressed and nervous about coming in. This is perfectly normal, though, and I assured her of this. My fabulous makeup artist, Olga, did her hair and makeup, and we chatted and laughed. Miss K even brought her own sexy playlist to listen to during the shoot. This was a great idea! We ended up having an excellent time taking these incredible shots. Afterwards, she had this to say:

“I had the pleasure of Evgenia capturing me for an upcoming engagement. I’ll be honest – I was super nervous. I’m not a model and I have my insecurities. But Evgenia put my mind at ease from the moment I met her. She was so encouraging and empowering. By the end of the shoot I was so comfortable I couldn’t wait to get naked! I just recently received the final book and it brought tears to my eyes. I felt sexy and confident during the shoot and it shows in the photos. From the first “getting to know you” email to approving each picture for the book (which was SUPER hard), Evgenia helped me every step of the way. I am so glad I did this. It’s a moment in my life I will never forget. Also please give my thanks to Olga again. She did such an amazing job!

A black and white photo of a boudoir session

Posing on a rug during a NYC boudoir shoot

An up close boudoir photo

Ready to book your boudoir photo shoot?

As Salma Hayek once said: “Celebrate who you are and celebrate life and know that this is your experience.” These wise words are a perfect way to describe what boudoir is all about. Want to see for yourself? Contact me, and let’s chat about what you’d like to celebrate in your life. You won’t be disappointed. I promise!




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