January 30, 2018

Do More Photographers Award

As an intimate lifestyle photographer, being part of a community that’s dedicated to education and growth in this industry is so important to me. That’s what first inspired me to join DO MORE photographers. Through this group, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with amazing photographers around the world. And very recently, I had the honor of winning their 2017 Best of Instagram boudoir photography award for two of my photographs. I couldn’t be more excited to share these photos with you!


Photo #1

Do More Photographers Award


I loved shooting this session. My client had traveled from Massachusetts to shoot a boudoir session with me at the Boro Hotel in New York City. Her goal: To do something totally outside of the box! She told me that she rarely wears sensual or risqué lingerie, and wanted to experience feeling incredibly sexy. She certainly achieved that! This session was an experience that allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone. Not only did she pose in various lingerie outfits, but she also did a few sensual nude images.


Photo #2

It’s extremely rare to get 2 winning images when there is a pool of around 4,000 photographers so I was super excited to get 2 awards!


Award winning boudoir photographer


My client in for this session was actually a model who wanted to get back into her career and needed to freshen up her portfolio. We met at the Royalton Hotel in NYC for the shoot. I appreciated that she had some background in modeling, and we worked on poses together to make the shoot as sensual and boudoir style as possible. She definitely made it work!

I would like to thank everyone for acknowledging my work, and for providing me with a wonderful forum to meet other photographers and to learn and grow. The experience has been priceless.


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