NYC Couples Boudoir
March 24, 2017

Boudoir Photography Isn’t Just For Ladies

NYC couples boudoir


Thinking about doing a couples boudoir photography session?

I love capturing fire. And by fire, I mean the natural sexiness, intensity and playfulness that’s seen in couples who are in true, blissful love.


Couples Boudoir

Couples Boudoir Photographer


As you may have noticed, boudoir photography is getting lots and lots of buzz lately. And it should… it’s just so much fun! With this buzz, couples boudoir photography is also becoming increasingly popular. Yes, I said “couples”. It’s true: boudoir is not just for ladies! A session can be absolutely amazing when men join in the fun as well. After all, what better thing is there to share than feeling sexy and confident together?


Couples Boudoir Photos

Couples Boudoir New York


You may be wondering if the photo session can feel awkward. The answer is no… not at all! Our session will be totally relaxed, and the energy will be lighthearted and fun. During the session, don’t be surprised if you find a sense of confidence that you didn’t even realize you had. You’re also probably wondering if you can just do whatever you want during the shoot. The answer to that is also no. When you book a couples boudoir session with me, I’ll provide direction for all of the poses so that you and your significant other will feel completely at ease. These professional sessions are always very fun and lively, and you’ll be amazed at the classy images they produce.


Couples Boudoir Photos

Couples Boudoir Photography


Couples boudoir can be the perfect way to celebrate an engagement or an anniversary… or just any blissful day in love! In the end, you’ll have a sexy set of images to look back on forever. What could be more romantic than that?


Couples Boudoir Photos

Couples Boudoir NYC


Say yes to couples boudoir!

Ready to book your couples boudoir session? You won’t be disappointed in the results! Contact me, and let’s make some incredible art.


Couples Boudoir Photos

NYC Couples Boudoir


* We respect our clients’ privacy and never share images without a written consent.


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