November 30, 2015

late night boudoir

I haven’t posted anything in my photography boudoir in a while – end of the year is as crazy for photographers as for other normal people out there 🙂  Have quite a few sessions to wrap up and lots of girls want little black books as gifts to their loved ones so getting to blog something is nearly impossible.  Here is one of the latest sessions I have done – it was quite late and I used the room like to create a different atmosphere to my shoot… New-York-Boudoir-Oksana-0001 New-York-Boudoir-Oksana-0002 New-York-Boudoir-Oksana-0003 New-York-Boudoir-Oksana-0004 New-York-Boudoir-Oksana-0006 New-York-Boudoir-Oksana-0007 New-York-Boudoir-Oksana-0008