April 6, 2018

Boudoir Photos Are Simply The Best Anniversary Gift

As a boudoir photographer, there are “4 S’s” that I use to describe boudoir anniversary photos. They’re definitely sweet. Honestly, there’s no better gift than one from the heart. You were brave enough to strip down and bare your soul to the camera for your guy, and he’s going to love that you did that for him.

They’re totally seductive too. Just imagine your partner’s face when he unwraps the most stunning images of you. Whether you’ve been married for one year or 20, or you’ve been dating a few months — an anniversary is an important milestone to mark and the perfect time to totally spice up your love life. I don’t think any gift can do that as much as photos like this…

Boudoir photos for anniversary

A woman in heels and a red thong posing for a boudoir shoot

Anniversary boudoir photography in a NYC hotel

A topless boudoir photo shoot

Boudoir anniversary photos are also self empowering. While your partner will think you did all of this for him, the truth is that you get so, so much out of it too. I’ll be honest, it’s scary to pose in lingerie in front of a camera! But what a thrill it is! Afterwards, you’ll feel supercharged with confidence because you proved to yourself that you could do it.

Last, but certainly not least, boudoir anniversary photos are surprising! I bet that your guy will not expect this gift! It’s so much better than any store-bought present you could get him. He will be floored, impressed, happy and so in love with this gift, that you won’t ever really be able to top it! Unless, that is, you take more sexy shots for him in the future!

A woman posing for a boudoir photoshoot in New York

An up close shot of a woman wearing sexy black lingerie

Boudoir photos make the best anniversary gift

Boudoir photos are the most unique anniversary present

Here’s what my beautiful client, Lynn, had to say about her recent anniversary boudoir photoshoot!

“For my first anniversary with my husband I decided to find a photographer to take boudoir photos. After a couple hours of browsing and reading reviews I was immediately drawn to Evgenia’s gallery and how she captured each woman’s beauty. The positive reviews encouraged me to contact her, and let me tell you, her raving reviews are correct! From the beginning she is very attentive and answers any questions in a timely manner. I am so glad I came across her website because the experience was amazing! It can be very nerve wracking to pose in your underwear in front of a stranger, but Evgenia immediately made you feel comfortable, and especially confident when the camera comes out. I was initially unsure of how to pose (I’m no model!) but she guides you throughout the photo shoot, I felt like a pro towards the end of the session. I highly recommend her for your next session, and her makeup artist/hairstylist, Olga, too. Olga works magic and made me super confident for the photo shoot. Trust me, once you begin the session, you will not want it to end!”

Ready to book an anniversary boudoir session?

Contact me today! Let’s talk about how we can surprise your guy with the best anniversary gift ever! Don’t forget to check out my private Facebook group too! It’s the best place to meet past clients as well as women just like you, who are thinking boudoir could be for them!




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