December 21, 2018

Be Prepared… A Boudoir Photoshoot Will Change Your Life!

Like many women, you may be preparing to do a boudoir photoshoot in the new year. Maybe you’re planning to give the photos to your honey as the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Or perhaps you’re using the session as a well-deserved break after the hectic holidays are over. Whatever your reason is for booking a boudoir shoot, I have a warning for you…

It’s going to change your life.

I’m not talking about a few minutes of feeling good. I mean that this experience is going to drastically alter everything you do in the days, weeks and even years to come. All I can say is: You’ve. Been. Warned.

After a boudoir shoot, suddenly everything you ever wanted – everything on the other side of fear – will come in to focus. For the first time in years, you’ll feel the drive to really go after these things without hesitation. You may say “enough” and walk away from a bad relationship or job. You may get the urge to travel, even if it’s alone. You may take a huge leap and give your heart completely and totally to someone. Boudoir shows you that you can do anything. You can pose for sexy photos in front of a stranger and feel total confidence. You never thought it was possible, but once you see that it is, there’s no turning back.

Until you’ve actually experienced it, it’s easy to think of boudoir as just another photoshoot. Trust me… It’s anything but that. It’s game changing. It’s a life lesson. It’s the opportunity to connect with the real you – the person underneath the fancy lingerie, the pretty makeup and styled hair. Sure, these things make the photos look incredible, but what really shines through when you see the end product is your unique spirit.

“Ah, there she is!” you’ll say. “There’s the me I always knew was there, but got lost somehow.”

Once you find her again, you’ll never want to let her go. Happy New Year, Ladies! Contact me to make 2019 the year of YOU.