If you’re feeling a little (or a lot) nervous about booking a boudoir photography session, you’re not alone! But don’t let your nerves stop you from experiencing some of the most empowering moments ever! Sure, you may be asking yourself boudoir questions like…

“What if I’m not comfortable in front of a camera?”

“What if I don’t know how to pose?”

“What if my hair looks bad on the day of the shoot?”

“What if I totally chicken out!?”

Trust me when I say that none of these things will happen at your photo shoot! In fact, I believe you’re going to have such an incredible time, that you’ll want to come back again! Boudoir photography is known to be addictive!

Still feeling nervous? Let me ease your mind with answers to some of the most frequently asked boudoir questions clients bring up before they book. You’ll quickly see that boudoir photography is not something to be afraid of… it’s something to embrace with your whole mind, body and heart!

How can I relax when a stranger is taking intimate photos of me?

This is typically the very first boudoir question that new clients ask me. The truth is that by the time we begin the session, we’ll feel like old friends! Before the day of your photo shoot, we’ll chat on email or by phone about your expectations for the day. We’ll discuss what inspires you, what your favorite hair and makeup styles are, and what you’ll wear.

The majority of my clients book my amazing makeup and hair stylist. If you do too, you’ll spend about 90 minutes getting your makeup and hair done. While you’re doing that, we’ll get some time to chat and bond. We’ll check out the outfits you brought or choose some from my studio’s closet. I’ll also show you samples of the gorgeous albums and images you can get when the session is complete. As you can see, the only thing you need to do at your photo shoot is follow my direction and enjoy!

So I don't have to bring my own lingerie?

Nope! If you don’t have time to shop for lingerie beforehand, I have an entire closet filled with sexy outfits that’s calling your name! I have styles for all body types.

Should I get my hair and makeup done?

Having your hair and makeup professionally done will help make your boudoir photos look amazing! I have a fabulous hair and makeup artist who has years of experience doing boudoir, wedding and special events makeup. She knows exactly what works best in front of the camera! However, if you prefer to use your own hair and makeup artist, that is completely fine.

Should I practice posing before the photo shoot?

I will be providing you with direction about how to pose, so no need to worry about practicing! If you’d like to see how I may pose you, check out how I worked with Self Magazine writer Lindsey Lanquist to perfect her sexy poses.

I'd like to lose weight before my photo shoot. Should I hold off on booking?

My answer: Lose your mindset, not the weight! You won’t feel better about yourself if you put off doing things because of your weight or other reasons. Take advantage of living in the present. The best thing about boudoir is that it will teach you to embrace your curves and love yourself no matter what!

Am I too old to have boudoir photos taken?

Absolutely not! Boudoir has no age limit. Whether you’re celebrating your 21st birthday or preparing to retire, boudoir is for you. Women are sexy at every age, and that’s a fact!

Ready to say YES to boudoir?

Contact me today, and let’s get started planning your photo shoot!