July 12, 2015

boudoir session at W hotel

When I receive multiple requests for boudoir sessions and I know clients are looking for the best bank for their buck, I announce mini-boudoir sessions.  They are pretty quick – 30 minutes, girls can bring a few outfits which I help them choose and then we shoot!  That’s a great way to get your “feet wet” with boudoir : )  You don’t spend a lot, hotel is provided and you have a decent amount of images to use for your special surprise or just for yourself.
This was one of the mini-sessions I have done, absolutely in love with how the girl looks!!!  We were able to pull off 3 outfits, yay!

New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0003 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0004 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0005 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0006 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0009 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0010 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0017 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0019 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0021 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0022 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0023 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0025 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0028 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0032 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0035 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0037 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0039 New-York-boudoir-session-Aleksandra-0041


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