My Boudoir Studio

When I opened my boudoir studio in Industry City, NY, I must admit that part of me was thinking, “What the hell are you doing? Aren’t you comfortable with your life now?” Back then, I was shooting boudoir sessions in hotels, and didn’t worry about overhead or an initial investment.

But I went ahead and chased my dreams! Once I signed the paperwork, I stood in my empty studio and wondered what I would want my second home to look like. I knew I’d want a space where I could do my own dream boudoir session. After many sleepless nights deciding how to create various backdrops in one space, my studio came to life! And yes, it took many wallpaper orders!

The moral of my story is: Never be afraid to take a leap of faith. Sometimes you need to lose sleep over things you love. Follow your dreams and never stop believing in yourself!



When you book a boudoir photo shoot with me, you get access to a full closet of amazingly sexy lingerie to choose from and wear. I carry a variety of sizes, and have LOTS of options for curvy women. Once your session is over, you’ll return the lingerie and I’ll send it out for professional cleaning. 
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