See behind the scenes of the boudoir experience in my studio

Wondering what a boudoir session is really like behind the scenes? *Hint, hint: It’s as sexy and thrilling as you imagined! Want to see? Take a look for yourself, and watch my boudoir videos below!

What happens when you book a boudoir session?

You won’t see this in my boudoir video… but when you book a boudoir photography session with me, there’s several things that will happen. First, I’ll send you my Boudoir Pinterest Guide. This will give you some creative and fun ideas about lingerie, hair and makeup, and boudoir poses. Once you check it out, we’ll talk about what you love and don’t love.

Next, I’ll chat with you about your hair and makeup – two very important elements to capturing amazing photos. I recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done. If you’d like, I have a total rock star hair and makeup artist who has years of experience doing boudoir, wedding and special events makeup. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about what works best in front of the camera! Of course, if you have your own hair and makeup artist, please feel free to use him or her.

Once the day of your boudoir photography session arrives, we’ll meet and have the time of our lives! I know you may be nervous before your session, but this is totally normal. I’ll be guiding you every little step of the way… so instead of being nervous, get ready to wow and feel the best you’ve ever felt!

Before I begin taking your photos, we’ll have a wardrobe consultation. If you need lingerie to wear, I’ve got you covered! I have a lingerie closet in my studio with a gorgeous variety of outfits for you to choose from – including lots of options for curvy women! When your session ends, you’ll simply return the lingerie and I’ll send it out for professional cleaning.

Once you’ve chosen what to wear, I’ll demonstrate some poses that will look beautiful for your photos. And don’t worry – I’ll coach you throughout the session so you’ll always know exactly what to do. My goal is to send you home with empowering memories and photos that you will cherish forever and ever!

Ready to book your boudoir photoshoot?

Contact me, and let’s chat about your goals for the most incredible day ever!