August 3, 2018

A Boudoir Shoot After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

“Hi! I would like to have some beautiful shots taken sometime in June. I have breast cancer and will be having my mastectomy in July and want photographs before big changes happen to my body. I want something that reflects both beauty and strength.”

This is an excerpt from an email that I received earlier this summer. It came from my client, Miss D. She’s one of the strongest and most empowering clients I have had the honor to photograph.

“My celebrity style icon is Joan from Mad Men,” she told me. “I wear a lot of vintage, including vintage lingerie. I would say the sexiest things are strength, confidence, and playfulness.”


breast cancer boudoir photos

a black and white photo of a boudoir shoot in brooklyn


Ladies, whatever you’re going through in life, remember to love yourself. There will be good times and bad, but guess what? You’ll get through it. You’re tough. You’re powerful, and you’re uniquely YOU. Do yourself a favor too… Stop worrying about the little things. The stretch marks. The wrinkles. The grey hair. They. Don’t. Matter.


a sexy woman posing in a beautiful robe

pin up boudoir


The secret to happiness isn’t being beautiful. It’s about realizing that life is beautiful. It’s about embracing your body, even when it’s going through a tough time. In those times and even in the best times, remember to love it extra hard. Focus on the good around you. Live in the now. That love you have for yourself will always see you through.


a woman posing with a feather prop at a boudoir photography shoot

a boudoir photography session in NYC


“Evgenia is a miracle worker! I hired her for a pre-mastectomy photoshoot, so I could remember my body when it was still fully intact. She not only made me incredibly comfortable putting me at ease in front of the camera, but she also turned this girl into a golden era screen siren! I could not be more thankful to her for capturing me in the way I always wish I looked. I imagine I will return to her again in the future! Evgenia these are STUNNING! You really out did yourself!”

No, Miss D., you outdid YOURSELF! You are beautiful inside and out. I loved meeting you. You’re inspiring to me and to everyone reading this. I can’t wait for you to return for more!




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