Bride at a boudoir photography session
September 1, 2017

Why All Brides Should Do A Boudoir Session

Bride at a boudoir photography session


Calling all brides-to-be! Tell me… have you ever considered doing a bridal boudoir session? If you’re shaking your head, I have to ask: Why not? For many women, one of the most important parts of wedding planning is about getting that perfect wedding day look. So while you’re in the midst of prepping for the big day with tough workouts at the gym, visits to the hair salon and trips to the spa for facials and manicures, wouldn’t this really be the perfect time to do a bridal boudoir photo session? Think about it… All of the time and effort you’ve been investing in loving yourself could be put to even more use!


Bridal Boudoir Shoot In A NYC Hotel Room

Why I believe all brides should consider a bridal boudoir session

I won’t deny that stripping down in front of a camera can be a scary thought! But before you dismiss the idea of a boudoir session, realize that boudoir is really all about you. Understand that boudoir is a celebration of every type of body. A bridal boudoir shoot is not only a testament to how much you love yourself, but it’s also an incredible gift to give to the person you’re promising to love and cherish for the rest of your life. When you think about it, you really couldn’t give a better present to yourself or to your significant other. Your photos (like your vows) will last forever!


Bride Posing For A Boudoir Photoshoot

So how do you give this amazing gift to your groom?

Once you’ve done your shoot and the photos are ready for you to review, you can choose your top picks to put into an album. I have some gorgeous album packages for you to choose from, which I’ll be sharing in a new blog soon! Lots of brides choose to give this album to the groom privately before the wedding. Others even ask their maid of honor or the best man to present it to the groom on the day of the wedding. Whatever you choose, I can guarantee that he’s going to adore it as the best gift he ever received!


Sexy Photoshoot With Bride

A little bit about me: How I started shooting bridal boudoir

Just how did I become a boudoir photographer? The truth is that I actually began by photographing weddings with my husband (who is also a photographer). At one particular wedding, a bride asked if we could shoot a few pictures of her in her lingerie before she put her dress on. Of course, my husband couldn’t do that and I had to. I was freaking out a bit, thinking “What kind of poses can I shoot with a girl in a bra?” But, the session went very well. So well, that after it I asked my best friend to strip and pose for me. Having had these two unique experiences, I absolutely fell in love with the whole idea of boudoir photography and capturing tasteful, sensual images that are sometimes raw and edgy (without ever being cheesy or cheap looking).

If you want to see more of what I’m talking about, just check out my all of my boudoir boards on Pinterest for some beautiful photos and ideas for your own shoot!


A Bride Taking Sexy Photos

Ready to book your bridal boudoir session?

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