June 15, 2018

I Followed My Dreams & You Should Too.

If you’ve been following me on social media, then you’ve probably heard me teasing a big announcement over the last few weeks. Well here it is.

This blog is a little bit about dreams. It’s a little bit about how life changes and you need to adjust. It’s also about how life’s fast pace sometimes gets to you make quick decisions! If any of you know me well, you probably know how I always said I would never open my own boudoir studio! I truly loved the challenges of shooting in different spaces and adjusting to the surroundings and light. When I started out, I only shot a few sessions… and not even every month. Don’t get me wrong — from the moment I did my first boudoir session for a bride of ours, I knew I needed to follow my passion. But as many of you know, it’s easy to think you’re not good enough or worthy enough to go further. After all, who are we to think that people will pay for our creations? Now I know: Those are comfortable excuses to give yourself so you don’t need to push yourself.

I gave myself excuses like this for some time. In fact, I only shot boudoir ad hoc when our wedding clients wanted to have something special for their significant others. And then one day, my husband said, “Babe, you’re really good at what you do… why don’t you pursue it?” My husband believed in me more than I believed in myself! How crazy is that?

So I decided to try. Long story short, I have now opened my own studio! I have to admit, at first one part of me was excitedly exploring studio spaces and the other part of me was thinking, “What the hell are you doing? Aren’t you comfortable with your life now?” I was used to doing sessions in hotels when leads came in. I didn’t have to worry about overhead or an initial investment. It’s not easy to deal with your 2 personalities!

When I signed the paperwork and came to my empty studio space, I asked myself what I would want my second home to be like. And I knew instantly that I wanted it to be a space where I would want to have my own boudoir session.  After working long hours (I still had clients who I was devoted to creating images for) and spending many sleepless nights figuring out how to create various backdrops in one space, my studio came to life! Yes, it took many wallpaper orders too!

So that’s my announcement, ladies. And the moral of my story is: Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith, walk on the edge, or lose sleep over the things you love. Follow your dreams and never, ever stop believing in yourself!


Brooklyn boudoir photographer

A nude model posing for a boudoir session

A sexy woman posing in red lingerie

A boudoir session in a Brooklyn studio

A boudoir shoot in Industry City

A black and white boudoir shot

A boudoir model posing on a bed

A sexy woman posing nude for a boudoir shoot

An artistic boudoir pose

A woman posing on a couch in lingerie

A sexy boudoir photo on a bed