August 3, 2020

Build Confidence In Yourself With Boudoir

As a boudoir photographer, I love that it’s part of my job to help women build confidence. Intimate photography creates a foundation of self worth that can be built upon no matter what you do after you leave the shoot.

On a personal level, I’ve always been interested in ways to build my own confidence so I can help others do the same. Confidence is such a tricky thing, though. None of us are born with it, and some of us struggle so much with it. But when you get to experience it, you’re rewarded with such an awesome sense of accomplishment. You feel soooo much better about yourself when you achieve what you thought (or what others told you) was impossible.

And I’m not just talking about the challenge of taking off your clothes and posing in front of the camera. Big and small challenges are all around us every day… in our relationships, our responsibilities and our work. Some of them totally overwhelm us. Some make us feel like the odds are stacked against us. Some test our character, and others our courage. This is exactly where confidence comes in. It helps us look deep inside ourselves, gather every ounce of courage we have, and keep going.

If you take a look at highly successful people, most have a certain fearlessness about them. Yeah, they felt afraid of the challenges they faced to make their goals happen. But they took the risk anyway… because what they were trying to accomplish was way more important than their fear of failure. Fearlessness doesn’t happen overnight, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

And that’s why I recommend boudoir photography. Something like this…

nyc boudoir shoot
model posing at a brooklyn boudoir studio
building confidence with boudoir

And like this…

new york boudoir photography
build confidence today
build confidence today

When you’re starting from scratch trying to build confidence, boudoir is a perfect starting point. If you can muster up the courage to walk through that studio door, I can promise you that you already have every single thing it takes to succeed. When you accept the challenge and take the risk, your reward is that you’ll feel so proud of who you are!

Want to take that first step? Contact me today, because you DO have it in you!