June 1, 2018

Building Self Confidence Starts With Boudoir

Have you ever looked at images on social media and felt a bit down about yourself? These days, self-confidence can be a rare commodity. Social media can paint a picture of an ideal woman, an ideal home, and an ideal lifestyle. The perception of these unattainable ideals has a lot of women questioning their value and worth. The good news is that there are ways you can cultivate self-confidence. You have to be willing to work on it, but once you know how to build self confidence, everything else will follow!

In my industry, I’ve had women remark that they wish they could look as perfect as the women in my photos. Let me tell you — no one is perfect! In fact, the women I photograph aren’t models. However, I do work with them to make them look their very best — from helping to pick the most flattering outfits, to coaching them how to pose and capturing them in the right light. There’s a secret to getting these amazing shots. The truth is that as gorgeous as every one of my clients is, no one is perfect. If you book a boudoir session, you will see how using the right elements can make the most incredible photos.


A woman building self confidence at a boudoir session

A NYC boudoir shoot


When you do a boudoir session with me, we’ll work on boosting your confidence. And I hope that after you leave, you’ll take what you’ve learned and use it every day. After all, without confidence, you live in fear. You hold yourself back in terms of achieving what you aspire to do in life. When you’re confident, you can face the world with a positive attitude. You’ll also be more effective with your social interactions — whether they’re with family, friends or strangers.


How to get confidence with boudoir

A woman posing in Manhattan for a boudoir session


I always tell clients that the first step to becoming confident is cultivating a positive attitude. Say goodbye to those negative thoughts and that pesky inner voice that lurks around and holds you back. Instead, focus on the good things in life. If it helps, you can voice out loud some positive affirmations. Say nice things to yourself and see how much better you feel! You may also want to create a list of things that you are grateful for. Check that list every once in a while to empower your frame of mind.


An Industry City boudoir session

A topless woman posing for a photoshoot


Don’t just face this alone, though. It’s also important to surround yourself with a positive support network. Hang out with friends or family members that support your effort to build self confidence.

Pursuing your hobbies and interests can also help you to feel great. So identify your talents and skills, and pursue them. Being able to do something you enjoy and are passionate about is an excellent feeling!


A woman wearing a sexy bodysuit to take boudoir photos

A woman posing on a bed for boudoir photos


Want the ultimate confidence booster?

Doing a boudoir photo session is also an awesome way to build self confidence. Even though it can seem oh-so-scary at first, it can actually make you feel empowered. It starts with a sense of empowerment about your own body. And once you see the beautiful professional images of your photo shoot, you’ll be reminded about your own beauty. Seeing yourself from a whole new perspective can give you that boost of confidence you need.

Contact me today to book your session. We’ll work on making you feel your best now and in the days, months and years to come!




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