March 10, 2020

Buying Yourself A Birthday Present Is So OK To Do!

You know that feeling you get when you’re buying a birthday gift for one of your besties? You find something super cute, but then you obsess over whether she’ll actually like it or not. You stare at the item forever wondering what to do. This happened to me recently, and I asked myself if I would love the gift for myself. That helped me make a decision and it also got me thinking. Why do we wait for others to buy us the gifts we really want? Why don’t we make a big deal about treating ourselves? Think about it. You know yourself best, and that makes you the perfect person to pick out your own gift!

Now let’s get this straight: Buying yourself a birthday present isn’t selfish or strange. Treating yourself is wonderful for your mental well-being, even if the treat is just a bubble bath or a day off. You deserve it, Ladies! So much so, that maybe you shouldn’t stop with immaterial gifts. Go get yourself something pretty and wrap it up. Better yet, get yourself the ultimate luxury experience… like a boudoir photoshoot.

buying yourself a birthday present
nyc boudoir studio
brooklyn boudoir photoshoot

When it comes to buying yourself a birthday present, I must point out that boudoir checks off all the boxes in the spectacular gift category. A day of pampering? Yep! A confidence boost through the roof? Oh, you bet. A whole day that’s all about YOU? You best believe it. I won’t go into all of the unpleasant feels adult birthdays can evoke as you get older. But I will say that boudoir makes turning another year older feel exciting… kind of like it used to when you were a kid.

a model posing for evgenia ribinik
a new york city boudoir shoot
intimate photography nyc

To inspire you, here’s a few messages some of you have sent me over the last few months…

“Hi! I’m turning 30 soon and thinking this would be a good birthday gift for me. I like the black and white kind of images for boudoir, something sexy but would still look classy.”

“Just celebrating my birthday, losing weight, been single 12 years so trying to refine my sexy just for myself. I’d like to have a few outfit changes, different vibes, either at the studio or a hotel room.”

“I’m visiting NYC for the first time next month. The trip is to celebrate my 24th birthday and I figured what better way than with a boudoir shoot?! I would like a fun shoot with music playing to help my comfort level and wine. 🙂 Along with balloons and maybe a cake for props.”

“I am looking for something tasteful and memorable to celebrate my birthday.”

“I’m fascinated by how sexy the whole concept is! I support it so much and since my 20th birthday is coming up, I want this photo shoot to express self love and confidence.”

boudoir photo session in new york
plus sized boudoir
boudoir photo shoot

So what do you think about buying YOURSELF a birthday present this year?

Contact me today if you want to embrace 21, 30, 40 or ANY age the best way possible! To you, from you… Let’s make this year your best one yet!




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