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October 5, 2018

Celebrate The Best Year Yet With Birthday Boudoir!

I’m a firm believer that the best gifts can’t be bought at a store. They need to come straight from the heart! But I know it can be really tough to think of special gifts like these. They’re truly one in a million, because they make the recipient feel like they’re the number one person on the planet. The great news, though, is that boudoir is one of these rare gifts! When it’s your guy’s birthday (or your own special day), boudoir is the way to go!

There are few things more badass than a sexy woman who’s confident in her own skin – whether she’s thin, plus size, or anything in between. It’s hard not to appreciate a woman who feels beautiful! If you’re thinking of taking birthday boudoir photos, realize that you don’t have to do a nude photo shoot. You can show as little or as much skin as you want. After all, when you feel sexy, you look sexy!


Birthday Boudoir



Boudoir As Birthday Gift For Him

Men can be notoriously hard to shop for when it comes to birthday gifts. This year, why not make the gift yourself and surprise your sweetheart with birthday boudoir photos? Trust me, your man will appreciate that you were brave enough to step out of your comfort zone. It’ll be a gift that he’ll appreciate more than a watch or another material item. The best part is that boudoir is a great way to spice up the romance in your relationship!



Celebrate Yourself With Birthday Boudoir

Who said the gift had to be for him? Celebrate you with a unique photo session. If you decide to book with me, I guarantee this: You will come out of the experience feeling so much better and confident. If you’ve neglected yourself because you’ve been busy with work, family or something else, this is your chance to turn things around. Consider it a treat for you, from you!

Taking boudoir photos is a liberating experience that allows you to see sides of yourself you might not even realize existed. It can also help you to unleash your inner goddess. With a makeover consisting of professional hair and makeup services, you’ll feel so pampered. At the end of the day, it’s all about how amazing you felt during your shoot. Birthday boudoir photos are the gift that keeps on giving because you can look back on them — especially during times when you need an extra little confidence boost.



See What A Boudoir Session Is All About

If you’re a bit nervous about what to expect at a boudoir session, no worries. I’m so excited to share my latest video with you which will show you how fantastic this experience really is! Take a look:



Exciting, isn’t it?! Contact me if you’d like to chat about a session of your own! And if you’re worried about making a last-minute booking and not knowing what to wear, I’ve got that covered. I can provide you with a wardrobe full of lingerie pieces that you can choose from to wear at the shoot. There are plenty of styles available in my studio that will help you create the perfect look. All I can say is: Get ready to wow!


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