January 15, 2018

Goodbye Low Self Esteem… Hello Boudoir!

Low self esteem sucks. And ladies, I know we’ve all experienced it at one time or another. For many of us, it stems from feeling insecure with our bodies. Some of us may not feel confident wearing a bathing suit or sexy lingerie because, well… we’re just not proud of our figures. As a boudoir photographer, I find that low self esteem is one of the reasons many women shut down the idea of doing a sexy shoot. And that’s what I hate most about low self esteem. Whether it’s not having the confidence to take sensual photos or not having the guts to apply to your dream job… low self esteem prevents you from fulfilling your true potential. The incredible thing, however, is that doing the things you’re so afraid of can actually boost your self esteem more than you dreamed possible!


Classic boudoir photography NY

Boudoir photography helps your self esteem

Everyone is welcome in my Facebook group for women

Think of boudoir photography as a gift to yourself.

“I’m absolutely shocked… This experience has been so liberating!” I hear statements like this time and again from women I’ve photographed. Contrary to what you may think, many women take sexy photos for themselves – not for their significant others. Boudoir photography really has the ability to transform how you feel about your body. It gives you that extra boost of confidence, especially when you see how beautiful and classy the end results turn out. I think seeing your boudoir photos gives you a new perspective about your own beauty.


A woman posing for a boudoir photoshoot in NY

A woman posing for a boudoir session

A model posing topless for sensual photos

Boudoir photography is for all shapes and sizes.

If you think that you don’t look good enough to do a boudoir shoot, think again! Boudoir photography celebrates womanhood. It celebrates your body for everything that it is – whether you have a perfect figure or lots of curves! When you realize this, it feels so incredible. There is no template for how you have to look. Being your unique self is all it takes to feel beautiful and confident.


Posing during a NYC boudoir shoot

A woman posing for a boudoir photo in red lingerie and heels

A boudoir shoot in Manhattan

How to get started

I know it’s not easy to jump right in and book a boudoir session when your self esteem feels low. That’s why I created a private Facebook group for us girls to discuss everything under the sun. Whether it’s self esteem, hair styles or celebrities you want to chat about – come on over and join. No one in the group will ever judge you. We’re all just there to support each other.

I won’t lie. Saying “yes” to doing a boudoir session is scary. But don’t think you’re the only one who’s ever been scared. Many women who tried boudoir also felt that same fear the first time they showed up for a session! But believe me, whether you just had a baby, or you feel that you’ve neglected your own body recently, I guarantee you’ll walk out of the session a different person and see yourself from a new perspective. I’ll help you see the beauty that others see in you.