January 11, 2019

We’re in a confidence crisis, and it’s time to make a real change.

If you’ve had your eye on the news this week, you may have noticed quite a few articles talking about women struggling to find confidence.

“Women are held back in the workplace by a lack of confidence in their own abilities,” Refinery 29 wrote as they explored the alarming trend of low confidence in women in tech. It’s not just tech, though, Ladies. It’s everywhere.

Blistex, the lip care product brand, recently conducted a survey of British women. The topic: Confidence. The results: The women surveyed said they felt bad about themselves an average of 4 times a day. 61% said that they didn’t think of themselves as being confident. 7% said they never felt confident at all. And 28% said their confidence was easily altered. Yes, we are certainly in a confidence crisis and it’s time we made a real change. None of us deserves to feel bad about ourselves — and certainly not 4 times per day!

I know that achieving self love is much easier said than done. Confidence doesn’t come easy – especially in a society that’s constantly showing us images of what it believes we should look like. As if we should all fit the same mold. Sites like Facebook and Instagram don’t really help (even though I do love them!) But far too often, we see glamorous lifestyle photos that are unrealistic and we compare our own lives to them. This not only leads to lack of confidence, but it also contributes to depression.

We need to reverse this confidence crisis. Who’s with me? In this new year, I challenge each of you to work on feeling better about yourselves — no matter what your confidence level is. How? Start out small. I personally think it’s a fantastic idea to write or type out a list of your accomplishments. Put it somewhere that you’ll see every day, and leave lots of extra space because you need to keep adding to it!

Next, I recommend acting confident even if you don’t feel it. Trust me, no one will notice if you are pretending! The best part is that the more you do this, the more confidence will become a part of your personality.

Now here’s a question. When someone compliments you, do you say thank you or do you play it off like it’s not a big deal? Remember: Never minimize your accomplishments, and don’t feel like you’re being arrogant to acknowledge that you’re amazing. You ARE amazing.

And when you want to take the biggest leap into confidence, try a boudoir shoot. It’s basically like a shot of Vitamin C for anyone who’s feeling low, insignificant, and unworthy. These bad feelings need to go, Ladies… and they need to be replaced with feelings of fabulousness! Don’t be afraid. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! New year… NEW YOU!



PS. Want to chat about a boudoir shoot? Contact me and let’s set one up!


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