couples boudoir
March 17, 2017

Couples Boudoir Photography

The incredible connection. The sexual chemistry and tension. The natural interaction between two people in love. For me, this is what couples boudoir photography is all about. Some may ask if the session can be awkward. After all, isn’t it difficult to get one person to relax in front of the camera – let alone two? My answers: No, and most definitely no! You and your partner will feel completely comfortable, as I provide direction for all of the poses. During my boudoir shoots, couples get to experience a very sexy reminder of how much in love they are, while also having a lot of fun shooting sensual, classy images. Just take a look at the photos below from a recent incredible photo shoot that I had the opportunity to do. It’s very easy to see why many consider a couples boudoir session the ultimate date!

Let me show you why boudoir isn’t just for women, and why men will totally love it too. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, an engagement, or just the amazing euphoria of being in total love, you’ll end up with an intimate album of images to keep and cherish forever. Contact me today, and let’s get started.


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