Couples Boudoir Photographer
December 15, 2017

Couples Intimate Photography: How To Get Those Steamy Shots

It’s no secret… Couples intimate photography is a unique and special way to celebrate romance. While boudoir shoots are often associated with women, it can really be double the fun when the men join in! As a boudoir photographer, it’s a beautiful thing to witness a couple in love and showcasing that incredible intimate and sexual connection in front of the lens. There are so many great reasons to do a couples boudoir shoot. Whether you want to celebrate a milestone in your relationship (like an engagement or an anniversary) or you want to rekindle the flame, a steamy couples boudoir session is a wonderful way to achieve that.

Now I bet you’re wondering how the session works, and if it feels awkward to do these poses in front of a camera. I’m asked that a lot. I’m here to tell you: Absolutely not! I will actually direct all of the poses so that you and your significant other feel totally at ease. The session itself is a time when you can relax and have fun together. Want to see for yourself? Just take a look below at some of these classy and popular boudoir poses for couples from some of my recent shoots.


Pose 1: Anticipation Pose

I love this pose, and there are several ways you can go about it. Whether the couple is cuddling in bed or standing close to each other, the anticipation builds as one person leans in for a kiss. This is a great option for first-time clients who might still be a bit timid in front of the camera. Some clients also want to turn up the steaminess level a little bit, and show the anticipation building as they attempt to undress each other.

Pose 2: In Bed Pose

Shooting a couple in bed is a totally classic idea when it comes to couples boudoir. These types of shots show the couple in natural positions – the camera acting as an outside observer while allowing the couple to enjoy the intimacy of one another in bed. Whether it’s kissing, cuddling, or something more, I will always pose you in a tasteful way to showcase the natural connection between you and your guy.


A couples boudoir session in a New York City hotel

Pose 3: She’s On Top Pose

Couples intimate photography can be taken to the next level when the woman is showcased as the one who’s in control. Any pose that involves the woman on top or taking charge definitely adds an element of sensuality to the shoot!

 Pose 4: Sweet & Simple Pose

There’s something so sweet and simple about a man coming up from behind to give his woman a hug or kiss. This pose can also be switched up, with the woman holding on to the man from behind.


nyc couples boudoir

Pose 5: The Caress Pose

Shots that focus on certain body parts (like a woman’s neck or waist) being caressed or touched are also popular. While couples might do this often outside of a photoshoot, seeing the actual photos of it afterwards gives this simple gesture a whole new perspective.


A man kissing a woman at a photo shootA sexy photoshoot with a man and woman

Ready to add some spice to your relationship?

If you love these poses and want to try them out with your guy, let’s talk couples intimate photography! I promise it will be an experience that you will both cherish in the years to come!