March 25, 2019

Do More Vegas Party

I recently had the opportunity to attend the super-fun and inspiring Do More Vegas Party 2019 at The Delano Hotel in Las Vegas! This was an event that was hosted by a leading boudoir industry group that I’m proudly part of .  All I can say is… WOW. What an amazing time I had meeting and learning from my fellow creatives!

do more vegas party

As part of the event, I was thrilled to be able to teach a 2-hour “Shoot Out”! I spent this coaching session instructing boudoir photographers about facial expression, posing, and lighting. It was such a wonderful experience to connect with my amazing colleagues who — through the Do More group — have become my good friends!

Speaking of friends… The very talented boudoir photographer Emily Brault was also in attendance, and I love the blog she wrote about her experience! Please be sure to check it out. The great part about her time there was that she was able to experience the event as both a photographer and a model. In fact, her gorgeous photos are the ones I’m showing you above! You were so incredible to photograph, Emily!

I also had the opportunity to photograph models like the stunning Ms. M. while at The Delano Hotel. She had this to say about her photoshoot:

“Wow, I am so in love with these images, thank you. You really have a fantastic eye. It was a pleasure working with you!”

It was a pleasure working with you, too, Ms. M! You rocked this session!

I’d also like to thank Do More Photographers for this fantastic opportunity. I left Vegas feeling very inspired and excited to use what I learned in future shoots. And I look so much forward to sharing all of this with you, my readers, in future blogs!

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xoxo, Evgenia



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