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February 10, 2022

Get Inspired by These Beautiful Pregnancy Portraits!

Pregnancy portraits are a sweet and sentimental way to capture the anticipation of your baby’s arrival. But maternity photography is so much more than just a photo of you and your growing belly. It provides you with beautiful images that last forever, showing the love and excitement you have for your coming bundle of joy.  

If you’re considering booking a session of your own, congratulations! I know you probably have lots of questions about the session. So without further ado, I’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked ones I get about pregnancy portraits!

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When should I book a pregnancy photo shoot?

Pregnancy portraits are generally done at 28-34 weeks. Most women like to wait until this time when they are showing and we can capture that pregnancy glow!

Can any type of photographer take my pregnancy portraits?

Personally, I shoot many boudoir sessions. However, I also specialize in maternity portraiture and maternity boudoir. My best advice is to make sure you find a professional photographer who specializes in a type of maternity photography. They will know how to best showcase the beauty of your ever-changing body through flattering poses. You’ll definitely want someone who is familiar with the best angles for photographing a pregnant woman.

I booked a maternity boudoir shoot with Evgenia after seeing her work on Instagram and Facebook and reading all of the wonderful reviews. I am so thrilled that I went through with it!

Now, I have these stunning pictures to look back on and they put a smile on my face every time I look at them. Evgenia is so warm and sweet and made me feel comfortable instantly. I was truly terrified going in, not really knowing what to expect since this was my first time doing something like this. But as soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the smiling faces of Evgenia and Olga (the incredible hair and makeup artist), and they immediately put me at ease. As I was getting dolled up, they chatted with me about life and pregnancy. I felt like I was just hanging out with two of my closest friends. I basically forgot what I was there for!

When Olga was done, Evgenia showed me the outfits she thought worked best for me, but still gave me the option to look through her incredible closet. I put the first outfit on and we got to work.

I loved that Evgenia first physically showed me and walked me through the poses that would highlight me best – even going into specific details, from the eyes, to the lips, to the toes! It was so helpful to first see her in the pose and gave me more confidence to replicate it. After a few outfit changes and shooting in different areas of the stunning one-of-a-kind studio, we were done! I was shocked by how quickly the time flew by and felt like I could easily keep going because I truly felt like a queen!

– Ms. L

What should I wear?

There are really no rules about what maternity portraits should look like. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. For example, when it comes to style, many women choose to have their maternity portraits taken in comfortable loungewear while others opt for gorgeous gowns or fancy robes. The choice is entirely up to you, and I recommend wearing what you feel most comfortable in.

professional maternity portraits

What are the best poses for pregnancy portraits?

Below I’m sharing a few popular poses for mamas-to-be. But keep in mind that every woman is different and your photographer should always pose you in the ways that make YOU look your best!

1. The Classic Pregnancy Portrait

This style of photography often features the expectant mom with her belly exposed. It is usually taken from the side or from behind to show off the shape of the belly. These images can look amazing and timeless in black and white, but can also be color.

maternity portraits

2. Belly Shots

As you can probably guess from the name, these images simply focus on the pregnant belly. Some photographers may also include a pretty backdrop in the shot to provide a sense of context and place.

beautiful pregnancy portraits

3. Posing with A Partner

Images featuring both the pregnant woman and her partner are also quite popular. They can be standing together, embracing, or simply resting next to each other. These images can really be taken in any position, as long as they capture a feeling of togetherness.

*Quick tip: Including your partner in maternity photos is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy together!

couples maternity photos

4. Sitting Pretty

In this pose the pregnant woman is sitting down on a chair, couch, or even on a prop, leaning back or to the side. This pose can be used from any angle – up close or far away.

pregnancy portraits nyc

5. Laying Down

Many pregnant women prefer the comfort of laying on their sides for these types of poses. Her head will be propped up on her hand while she looks down or even into the camera.

maternity portrait studio near me

6. Letting Light In

This pose is taken with the woman standing in front of a window. She is holding her baby bump and looking at the camera or off into the distance (perhaps daydreaming about the future!)

maternity photographer

Thinking about booking your own pregnancy portraits?

My specialty is capturing women in their most natural form, while also highlighting what makes them so unique. I truly believe that expectant mothers are the most beautiful women in the world, and they deserve to be celebrated!

If you’d like to document this special time in your life when you’re looking forward to the birth of your baby, contact me. I’d love to help you capture your own incredible moments!