April 15, 2019

Yes, you can gift a boudoir photo shoot to someone special!

I recently had an inquiry from a lovely woman named Ms. K.

“Hello! I’m looking to gift a boudoir photo shoot to my sister who is turning 30! Is this something that you do? I thought it would be a fun birthday gift! Something that captures the beauty and grace as a woman entering this powerful new decade!”

My response: “I certainly do!”

A boudoir photo shoot is one of the most unique, personal gifts that you can present a special woman in your life with — whether she’s your sister, your girlfriend, your wife or friend. After all, what says “I love you” more than giving her the chance to feel completely gorgeous and empowered for a day… and well beyond?

gift a boudoir photo shoot

The gift of boudoir will also show her that you put a lot of thought into her gift. It’s not just a purse or a piece of jewelry. It’s something far beyond that and will show her that you care deeply about her happiness.

A boudoir photo shoot is the sexiest surprise for any occasion.

While boudoir is an incredibly popular groom’s gift, many people don’t realize that it’s really a wonderful gift for any occasion. This is because the special woman in your life will have the chance to discover a part of her that she didn’t even know existed.

Can you imagine the look on Ms. K.’s sister’s face when she opens her 30th birthday surprise? Priceless.

The gift of a boudoir photo shoot never stops giving.

Obviously, boudoir photos aren’t a gift that will wear out after a few uses, or that she’ll get bored of. They are a permanent and lasting reminder that she’s 100% worth it… on her birthday, wedding day, anniversary, and every day.

“The message I’d like to put in my sister’s gift card,” Ms. K. said, “is: Here’s to a decade full of beauty, grace and EMPOWERMENT! Happy 30th Birthday!”

If you’d like to book a boudoir session for your loved one, simply contact me to inquire about a gift card. Let me help you give priceless moments to the ladies you love most!




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