January 9, 2015

How it all started…

I wanted to dedicate this post to why I decided to shoot boudoir.  Some of you know that my husband and I have a wedding photography company, Julian Ribinik weddings.  We have met various brides whose most common wish was to look (and turn out) their best and prettiest on pictures on their wedding day.  So it got me thinking – is woman really only captured pretty once in her lifetime?  It got in my mind and I asked a few brides if they would be interested in getting some images of them (boudoir or glamour) just because.. No real reason other than fulfilling my passion for making gals feel beautiful.  The brides, the friends, the sisters, the moms.  This world is in need for more women who love themselves and who confidently follow their dreams.  

boudoir photography new york

This will probably be my all times favorite image I have captured.  This is my best friend.  This is how my boudoir photography was born.  I captured her in her home with stuff that she had in her lingerie draw.  This girl is smart, fearless,  hot, sexy, strong.  She puts on makeup no matter how much sleep she got and she always looks her best (while running her own business together with her husband and raising 2 daughters).  She is in love with all french so I wanted to make her feel as beautiful as I see her and as people see models in magazines.  I hope I was able to 🙂


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