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February 4, 2022

How to Ensure He Has The BEST Couples Boudoir Shoot!

One of my gorgeous clients, Ms. K, recently reached out to me about a couples boudoir shoot she and her husband did last month for their one-year anniversary. As she thanked me for the incredible time, she mentioned that she was especially impressed that I paid equal attention to them both.

This feedback really made an impression on me. I’ve always felt strongly that the most important thing for a photographer to do when photographing men at couples boudoir shoots is not to make them feel like they’re an afterthought. Or worse – that their role in this type of session is insignificant.

I told Ms. K that it was my goal to pay the same amount of attention to both of them because they are equally important in their relationship!

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Choosing a photographer that specializes in working with couples will make all the difference.

Opening up a bit more, Ms. K said that she and her husband were initially drawn to my work because I seemed to capture an equal connection with both partners. I think sometimes in this industry, photographers overlook this. And, believe me, it’s not because they have bad intentions. They don’t. It’s simply because most specialize in photographing women only.

Many boudoir photographers are just so used to spending a shoot pampering a woman with a hair and makeup session and presenting her with fun lingerie to try on. The whole day is typically about women’s empowerment and beauty. Then at some point in their careers, they take a leap into couples boudoir thinking it will be very similar to what they have always done. They don’t really plan for what the male might want out of the shoot. Some also don’t realize how different it is to focus on two people instead of one.

In my own experience, I’ve found that if you ask the right questions about what the male would like from the process, it can be very empowering for him. Because let’s face it – men want to feel sexy, too. And men can be just as self-conscious about their bodies and insecurities as women. It’s just that many males don’t feel comfortable enough to speak up. As the photographer, it’s my job to ask him his thoughts and make him feel 100% included.

As I tell all of my clients: Couples boudoir portraits are a great way to celebrate the beauty in all of us, no matter what our gender is. Boudoir photography is a form of self-love and self-acceptance that can help anyone feel more confident about their body and themselves. It’s not only meant for women because there are plenty of men out there who could use this kind of confidence boost as well!

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What you can do to get him involved in the photo shoot

As his partner, there are also things you can do to help ensure he has the best time possible. For example, you can help him feel like part of the planning process by including him in choosing his outfits and even your lingerie. (Hint: It can be an exhilarating experience for you when you let him choose what you wear!)

If he has an idea or two of his own, be open to trying them out.

You can also ask him what type of images he would like to see from the session. He may have some creative ideas or surprises up his sleeve! The best thing about this approach is that it will make both of you happy because there will be photos that are just for him.

Don’t forget to show him pictures from other sessions so he can see how great they turned out. This may make him feel more comfortable, especially if he’s feeling nervous.

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Ready to book a couples boudoir shoot you’ll BOTH love?

I’ll end by saying this: There’s a reason that boudoir photography is one of the fastest-growing photography niches. It appeals to both women and men alike.

In fact, male clients I’ve had tell me they love this type of photography because they get a sneak peek into the inner workings of their significant other’s mind. They get to see in photo form how she thinks and feels about love, life, and sensuality. These are all topics that many people don’t discuss out loud, so photographs help them express how they feel. What could be better than this when it comes to relationship goals?!

It truly makes me so happy to see the guys in my studio having fun with their partners. Couples boudoir is an empowering experience for everyone. If you’re ready to book a session to celebrate an engagement or anniversary or just because you want an incredible date night, contact me, and let’s start planning.



PS. Check out my latest couples boudoir review that just came in!

“Hi Evgenia, We are so thrilled with the photos! Each one tells such a beautiful story! You really managed to capture our connection in each one. And you made me feel and look like a model. The entire experience was so pleasant and fun. You were responsive, professional, and easy going, and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed the entire time. We’re so happy we chose to have this experience with you!”


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