June 27, 2022

Preparing for a Boudoir Session: Readying Your Mind and Body, Plus Advice To Make Sure Your Photo Shoot Bag Is Stocked With Everything You’ll Need

Planning for a boudoir photo shoot can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. It’s an intimate session that deserves thoughtful preparation. But I assure you — you’ll have an experience like never before.

As excited as you are, you may feel a little anxious. You may even be unsure how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot. This is entirely understandable, as this experience requires you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace your vulnerability.

I’m here to guide you through the essential steps to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot — from wardrobe choices to self-care and what to bring on the day of. I’ll ensure you’re fully prepared to shine in front of the camera so you’ll step into your boudoir session with confidence and leave with stunning, empowering photos that capture your beauty and authenticity.

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what to eat before boudoir photography

How Do You Mentally Prepare Yourself for a Boudoir Session?

A boudoir photo session is an intimate experience. Posing in front of a camera in clothing you typically save for private moments can feel extremely daunting. A successful, empowering shoot requires a positive mindset.

If you are feeling nervous or having doubts, there are a few things you can do to help shift your perspective:   

  • Set your intention: What do you want to achieve with your boudoir photos? How do you want to feel about yourself when you see them?
  • Avoid negative self-talk: focus on all of the positive qualities you have.
  • Talk to your boudoir photographer about what to expect from the experience.
  • Find your boudoir inspiration. Look online or in magazines to find some favorite poses and outfits. When you work with me, I’ll send you my Getting Ready Guide for outfit ideas and a link to my Pinterest board for inspiration.
  • Think about how you’ll want to show off your photos when they’re ready. Designing an album or choosing beautiful frames may help you feel more excited than nervous.

Remember — you’re investing in this experience, and although the right photographer will guide you through the entire process and help you feel comfortable, it’s important that you go into your shoot with an open mind. 

Be prepared to try new things and trust the process.

The best boudoir sessions happen when you surrender yourself to this beautiful experience and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Remember that a boudoir studio is a safe space where you won’t be made to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

what to eat before a boudoir shoot

How Do You Prepare Your Body for a Boudoir Session?

I strongly discourage starting any diet or new exercise regimes leading up to your session. Boudoir is about pampering and celebrating your body as it is today. Every unique curve and contour is what makes you, YOU.

To ensure you are looking and feeling your best, there are a few things to do in the days before your session.

Preparation During the Week Before Your Boudoir Photo Shoot 

  • Get a fresh pedicure to soften and pamper those beautiful feet. Be sure to stick with a neutral color.
  • Drink plenty of water and moisturize daily from head to toe — water and moisture will help your skin glow.
  • Get a fresh hair touch-up if you get it colored or highlighted — don’t experiment with a new hairstyle.
  • If you wax, schedule a waxing appointment a few days before your shoot — this will give your skin time to calm down if you experience any redness or irritation.
  • Practice some stretching to prepare your body for some beautiful poses.

what do i need and how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot

Preparation for the Day Before Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

  • Get a good night’s sleep — you want to look and feel well-rested for your shoot.
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol, as they can dehydrate your skin.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize — leaving shaving for the day of.
  • Get a fresh manicure (again, stick with a neutral color).
  • Pack your boudoir bag (keep reading for advice on everything you’ll want to include).

The day before your shoot is exciting! You’re one step closer to celebrating your beautiful self.

Spend the night doing some self-care to prepare your body and mind for your session. Light some candles and relax or psych yourself up with music to put yourself in the right mindset for the big day.

what to do before a boudoir photo shoot

Preparation for the Day of Your Boudoir Shoot

  • Drink water!
  • Come to the studio with a clean and moisturized face — ready for pampering!
  • Eat a light meal so you’re nourished for the session but not bloated.
  • Wear loose clothing to avoid any indents or marks from your undergarments.
  • Exfoliate and shave any areas that you would like to have smooth for your shoot.
  • Moisturize your body from head to toe.
  • Wear a clear deodorant 

Don’t forget to grab your boudoir bag on your way out. Be sure to discuss your shoot with your photographer ahead of time to see if they have any additional preparation requirements or recommendations.

how to get ready for a boudoir shoot

The Essentials You’ll Need for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Your Boudoir Outfits

The most important thing to remember when choosing your boudoir outfits is to be comfortable. Yes, you want to look and feel sexy but don’t feel pressured to wear something that makes you feel too vulnerable or exposed. When you feel comfortable and happy, you will radiate confidence. 

When we think of “sexy” clothes, our mind quickly jumps to body-hugging lingerie. But  loose-fitting items can create layers and hint at what’s underneath. Consider adding a cozy cardigan or silky robe, a button-up shirt, or a lacy slip to your selection of lingerie.

Before buying any lingerie, see if your photographer has a stocked lingerie closet. I currently have a variety of high-end pieces in my studio in a wide range of sizes, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything other than your gorgeous self. Every piece is professionally cleaned between shoots.

High Heels

High-heeled shoes can add another dimension to your photo shoot. Not only will a beautiful pair of stilettos provide the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, but they will also elongate your legs and accentuate your bottom. 

Stay away from clunkier styles like wedges and platform shoes as they can be distracting and may draw too much attention away from the main event — you! Stick with sleek, minimalist heels like a classic stiletto. Final tip — make sure the soles of any shoes you bring aren’t scuffed or worn.

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot


Your boudoir session is just that — yours. Bring any accessories you love and want to incorporate into your photo shoot. Accessories might include:

  • Stockings: Consider fishnets for a playful or pin-up aesthetic or suspender-belted stockings for a vintage look.
  • Jewelry: You don’t want anything too ostentatious — nothing that will detract from the star of the shoot, YOU. Consider an heirloom piece, wedding jewels, or bracelets.
  • Statement pieces: a satin scarf or a fur coat. 
  • A personal item: This might belong to your partner, like a shirt, tie, or hat. It could also be something special that belongs to you — something that will help you create an emotional connection to your photos for years to come.

Other Miscellaneous Must-Haves

  • Snacks and water will keep you fueled and hydrated throughout your shoot. You may be surprised by how physical the process is — having some light snacks on hand can be a lifesaver.
  • Moisturizer in case your skin feels dry.
  • A sewing kit for any last-minute mishaps.

how to prepare for boudoir photo shoot

Some Final Tips for Preparing for a Boudoir Session 

A boudoir session can be an extremely gratifying and confidence-building experience, resulting in images that will capture your sensuality and empowerment. To make the most of your session, here are a few final tips to remember:

  • Don’t spray tan or use a tanning bed before your shoot. Boudoir photography is meant to capture the natural, beautiful you. Spray tan also does not photograph well, and the last thing you want is to appear orange in your photos.
  • Consider going out of your comfort zone with at least one of your outfit choices. Nothing that will make you physically uncomfortable — an outfit that you love the idea of but wouldn’t normally choose. 
  • Remember that almost everyone is nervous about doing a boudoir session, and it’s okay to show up with those nerves as long as you’re committed to embracing the photoshoot journey.  
  • Boudoir is for everyone. You may not feel comfortable in front of the camera or think you don’t know how to pose, and that’s okay. You only need to show up and follow my direction — I’ll do the rest. 

Evgenia Ribinik Studios: Luxury Boudoir Photography in NYC

I believe that having a boudoir session is something every woman should do at least once in her life, and I’m committed to creating a luxury experience with photos that are unique, sexy, and one-of-a-kind.

From planning to posing, I plan to be there every step of the way to make sure your boudoir experience is nothing short of amazing in my studio.

If you haven’t already booked an appointment, contact me today!

what do i need and how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot


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