March 1, 2019

I dare you to do a sensual photography shoot.

Has a friend ever dared you to do something that – quite literally – left you speechless? Maybe you laughed at her, and said “no way!” Maybe you rolled your eyes, shook your head, and walked away. Or maybe… just maybe… for a split second the thought crossed your mind that you should actually give it a shot.

I realize I haven’t met most of you. But if you read my blog regularly, I’m hoping that you think of me as that little voice in your head who makes you feel good about your body image and yourself! This week, I (or that little voice) has a dare for you. This is a big one, so brace yourselves.

I dare you to try a sensual photography shoot.

sensual photography

If you’re going to accept my challenge, you’re going to have to be bold. Bolder than you’ve ever been, in fact. Sensual photography – or boudoir – requires you to take a look at the real you. Are you up for that?

I realize that facing the real you can be scary. Many of us (and you’re not alone) feel afraid to look closely in the mirror or at photos of ourselves… because deep down we think we aren’t good enough. We don’t look like the women in glamour magazines or the fashion and beauty influencers on Instagram. Because of this, we’re truly afraid of what we’ll see staring back at us. But I dare you to look anyway.

When you use a sensual photography shoot as a catalyst for finding the real you, you will be left speechless – but in a good way! This experience will enable you to feel proud of yourself. It will open your eyes to how gorgeous you truly are. It will make you want to hug yourself and promise to care for and respect yourself from this moment on.

Sensual photography brings out the real you in a way that you can’t even imagine. You’ll be rolling your eyes… but only because you can’t believe you almost didn’t do it.

So what do you say? Will you accept my dare? If so, click right here.




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