July 11, 2014

Image in the window…


I have captured any type of a woman… Skinny girl, voluptuous girl, shy girl, relaxed girl, girl who wanted to do it for her man, girl who wanted to do it for herself, girl who has never posed naked for anyone, girl who has always enjoyed posing, you name it!!!  So I guess you get the gist!  I have done it all and seen it all so please, relax, trust me, we can do some amazing stuff if you can just let me do my thing!!!  If you can trust me I can create an amazing shoot and you will see it in your images that you do look HAUTEEEE!!!  It will be fun, I promise 🙂

Boudoir-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Lina-0034 Collage 4 Collage 5 Boudoir-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Lina-0032


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