February 8, 2019

Yes, Intimate Photography IS For You!

Have you ever been so close to booking a boudoir session, but chickened out at the last minute? Maybe you closed the window on your favorite boudoir site, carried on with life, and left your goal sitting in your browser history… to be deleted at a later date.

When Ms. I. first contacted me, she was looking to take boudoir photos to gift her husband. “He loves black and white photography,” she told me. “I’m looking for something beautiful, raw, and edgy.” Little did I know, she almost didn’t take the chance.

“Doing a boudoir shoot was something I had thought about for quite a while… at first not seriously. I was just checking out a few photographers’ galleries and thinking ‘There’s no WAY I can do that,'” Ms. I. told me. “You can always make a million excuses. I’m not in shape, I’m too old, I hate my hair, I’m too self conscious. But after months of thinking about it, researching it, and telling myself why I couldn’t do it, I found your site and something clicked. I thought maybe I can do that! It was Black Friday, and in a moment of shopping-induced euphoria, I did it. I have to admit, the next day I had a bit of buyer’s remorse – or maybe more accurately, reality hit and I realized what I committed myself to.”

Taking boudoir photos can certainly be scary. I know, Ladies… because I have been in front of the camera myself! It’s interesting though… because the most nerve-wracking part seems to be the time before the shoot. The time when you question whether or not you can really do it. But once you push past this mindset and arrive at the studio, the insecurity and fear fades away. Just ask Ms. I.

“The day of the shoot I threw everything I could think to bring in a bag and headed to Evgenia’s studio. On the way, I thought ‘Maybe I should have dieted, exfoliated, cut my hair, whitened my teeth, toned up a little bit.’ Again, excuses, but at this point there was no turning back! I met her in the lobby and immediately my doubts started to melt away.

She was so warm, welcoming, down to earth, and honest. Her studio is beautiful. Intimate and inviting, not intimidating in the least. She gives you great direction without an ounce of frustration. I’m not perfect, I’m not a model, and I’m not 25 years old… but she made me feel like I was.”

“And then the pictures! Incredible! Artistic, tasteful, everything I had wanted them to be but never dreamed they could be. I loved them all and had a terrible time narrowing them down but I couldn’t be happier with the final result! Her albums are luxurious and the photo box is everything a ‘little black box’ should be!

I recommend this to anyone and to EVERYONE. The greatest thing about it all is that you don’t have to be younger, thinner, tanner, more toned…Evgenia takes everything that makes you beautiful and brings it into focus. At the end you see yourself just as you are: Absolutely flawless. It’s the most empowering and eye opening thing you can do. And if you don’t have any other reason, do it for yourself. Seriously, what are you waiting for?!

Evgenia, You truly are so talented. To be able to meet a nearly complete stranger and capture such intimate and passionate images so naturally is a gift. You really are incredible and the happiness, confidence, and beauty you capture and give back to your clients is something priceless! I cannot thank you enough!”

Ms. I., It was an honor. Thank you for trusting me to taking these stunning photos of you. I’m thrilled to hear that your experience was everything you hoped it would be and more. I loved capturing your confidence and your incredible spirit! It shines through in these photos. Please know that you’re an inspiration to every woman who’s sitting there right now wondering if they’re good enough… wondering if they have it in them to make their dreams a reality. You showed them that yes, you can do ANYTHING if you believe in yourself.



PS. Ladies, you CAN do it too! Contact me to book your boudoir shoot and let’s bring out that fire that I know you have inside!


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