January 21, 2022

Ladies, Please Don’t Google “Boudoir Poses That Hide Stomach”

I was doing some work online this week, and I happened to come across boudoir topics that have been trending on Google. To my dismay, there it was at the top of the list: “boudoir poses that hide stomach”. 

It’s hard to put into words how I feel when I see the word “boudoir” next to the word “hide”. 

As a boudoir photographer, I’ve spent years taking more than just photos. I’ve taken every opportunity that I can to encourage and challenge my clients to love themselves a just little bit more. Because when you’re in this industry, you hear things like this almost daily:

“I’d love to try a photoshoot, but I’m too embarrassed of my size.”

Or, “I’ll try a session, but can you Photoshop the hell out of me afterward?”

It didn’t take too long into my career for me to realize that the #1 reason people felt afraid to try a new experience like boudoir… was shame.

boudoir photo shoot plus size

It’s time to stop playing the shame game.

Shame can be such a destructive force if you let it. It’s an emotion that can creep in when you least expect it. And then suddenly it starts affecting all different parts of your life.

Shame can start with something as simple as looking at Instagram every day, seeing one beautiful influencer after another. You know nothing about who these people really are or what they’re truly going through. But you do know that they look perfect, and they don’t look like you. 

The next thing you know, you’re not going out with friends anymore because you don’t like how you look. Or you’re avoiding going on a family vacation because there’s no way you’re putting on a bathing suit. You’re not doing that boudoir session because you’d never let anyone see you in lingerie. These are all things that you want to do so much, but you’re frustrated because you don’t feel comfortable or worthy.

And now you’re basically hiding. 

What you may not realize is that when you don’t show love for yourself, you’re not just hurting you… you’re hurting the people around you too. Your friends may feel hurt that you’re not around much anymore. And how do you think your partner or your family feels when it seems like you don’t want to make fun memories with them? Shame literally makes you miss out on life. It hurts others and it certainly hurts you.

The worst part of all, is that there’s absolutely no reason to feel shame in the first place. No one should feel ashamed of their bodies at any size. There are many different types of people in this world, all with their own unique features that make them who they are. Not one person on this planet is perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections, but we should never let those stop us from loving ourselves for who we are.

If you can relate to any of this, it may not have been Instagram that started your shame game. Maybe someone made a comment about your weight. Or you grew up thinking you had to fit a certain mould to be beautiful. No matter how it started, please realize that you have the power to stop it.

Which brings me back to that trending topic that so many women are searching for… “boudoir poses that hide stomach.” Ladies, today I want to present you with quite the opposite.

Check out these boudoir poses that show off real beauty!

Each of these gorgeous ladies visited my Brooklyn boudoir studio and had the time of their lives. I posed them in ways that did not hide one inch of their beautiful selves, and they didn’t worry about a thing other than having fun!

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plus boudoir

Ready to step outside your comfort zone and work on some self-love?

Boudoir is not just about the experience of having your photo taken, but it’s also about how much you deserve to feel beautiful no matter what size or shape you are. If you’re ready to feel amazing about yourself, contact me and let’s plan a session that will kickstart a year of self-love and true happiness!




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