January 21, 2019

The wow factor: A luxury boudoir photography experience

Sensuous, lacy Agent Provocateur lingerie.


A classic pair of Louboutin heels.

Snap, snap.

Hair styled in gorgeous long waves. Makeup on point.

Snap, snap, snap.

There are boudoir photography shoots, and then there are luxury boudoir photography shoots. The difference? A luxury shoot shows you the “wow”. It’s a start-to-finish experience that goes beyond your wildest expectations. And it stays with you. Forever.

A luxury boudoir photography shoot begins long before you walk into the studio. It starts when the photographer answers your inquiry and takes a lot of time to get to know the real you. She asks you questions like…

“What does sexy mean to you?”

“Why are you interested in doing a session?”

“Who do you admire? Why?”

By the time you walk though that studio door, you and your photographer already know each other. You’ve chatted and laughed. You’ve told her about your insecurities. But there’s a sense of comfort and ease because to you, she feels like a rock. She promises to introduce you to your inner goddess, and somehow you know – without meeting her in person yet – that she’ll deliver. Yes, you’re nervous… But you’re also excited to feel 100% amazing.

In person, your photographer embodies boudoir. Her boutique studio, in a trendy section of the city, subtly screams sex appeal. As if you can subtly scream… but somehow this is exactly what the space feels like! She can’t stop smiling, excitedly showing you a fabulous array of sexy lingerie that you can try on if you’d like. Now you can’t stop smiling. You think to yourself, “Wow, she really loves her job.” You feel like you’re the bride on her wedding day — the most important person in the room.

During the shoot, you forget about your nerves. You forget about how stressed you’ve been about work and the mile-long list of things you have to do at home. As your photographer coaches you to pose in order to capture your best angles, you realize that this is the most fun you remember having. Ever.

When it’s over, you feel almost… well, sad. You don’t want it to end. But there’s those photos to look forward to. You simply can’t wait to see them. And your photographer has so many stunning, high-end albums for you to store them in. “They’ll look like fine art,” you think. You’re taken aback by the fact that you’re seriously thinking of your body as fine art. How did this happen?

It’s called luxury boudoir photography, Lovelies. Like I said… it shows you the “wow”. Are you ready for it? Contact me now, because it’s ready for you!