Maternity Boudoir Photography: Capture This Season With Stunning Pregnant Boudoir Portraits

Maternity boudoir photo session is one of the most empowering experiences. The ability to bring life into this world is certainly something to celebrate! When you take tasteful maternity boudoir portraits, you are showcasing the true power of your own body. Maternity boudoir is the perfect way to capture and remember this special time in your life forever. See what so many women before you have experienced and browse my gallery of boudoir pregnancy photos below.

Showcase the Magic of Pregnancy With a Maternity Boudoir Photo Session

As a mom myself, I know all about mood swings, back pain, and other uncomfortable body changes during pregnancy. But did you know you can overcome any insecurities you feel about your pregnant body with boudoir?

Just think of sophisticated and sensual maternity boudoir photos as a way to reclaim your inner goddess! Pregnancy is a challenge – one full of struggles and insecurities cropping up along the way. But when you start to see your body as a powerful vessel for life, your confidence will grow, and you will glow.

Ready to Book Your Maternity Boudoir Session?

Contact me today – let me show you how gorgeous, strong, and incredible you are!

FAQs About Evgenia’s Maternity Boudoir Photography

What Can I Expect During a Maternity Boudoir Session?

First and foremost, let me promise you that there is nothing to stress about. I’ll guide you throughout the whole experience – from our conversation during your initial booking to after the shoot.

This maternity boudoir experience is meant to make you feel strong, capable, empowered, and unstoppable.

Once you book a session, I’ll send you a complete guide on how to get ready for the session, what outfits to wear, and all the questions you’ll have. When the day of your session arrives, all you have to do is show up as your fabulous self, and I will take care of the rest. It will be amazing!

What Should I Wear?

After you book your pregnancy boudoir session, you will receive a guide from me that includes what to bring and what to wear to your photo shoot. You will also have access to my lingerie closet full of incredible outfits for all body types and styles.

Take another look through my gallery of pregnant boudoir portraits to get an idea of the kinds of outfits I have for my clients! (Have a favorite? Let me know when you book!)

What Kind of Poses Will I Be In?

During your maternity boudoir shoot, I will guide you through several pregnant boudoir poses that are tasteful, beautiful, and elegant. 

The poses will be used to showcase and celebrate your beauty and the raw beauty of the season you’re in. I will make sure you feel comfortable and confident in every pose you’re in during your session!

Where Will The Session Take Place?

Your pregnancy boudoir photo session will take place in my luxurious NYC boudoir studio in Industry City, NY. In my studio, I provide all kinds of backdrops to create the perfect shoot for you. 

You will feel pampered and treated during this luxury boudoir experience. Browse my galleries to see where your session will take place! 

What’s the Best Time To Do a Maternity Boudoir Shoot?

Typically, it’s encouraged that you schedule your maternity boudoir session during the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy. It’s around this time that your baby bump is at its full, round shape, but not too uncomfortable for you to still move around and enjoy yourself! 

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