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September 7, 2018

Overcoming Pregnancy Insecurities With Maternity Boudoir Photos

Boudoir photography sessions are artistic and filled with beauty. But there’s definitely something extra special about maternity boudoir photos – they never fail to leave us photographers in awe. Witnessing the transformation of the female form during pregnancy is a magical thing. It is an image of beauty and nature.

Sadly, many pregnant women don’t see things through rose-colored glasses! Hormones, mood swings, back pain… all of these things can put a damper on magical moments. When you’re pregnant, your hormones can also wreack havoc on your thoughts, making you hate your body, and worse, yourself! Insecurities can definitely run rampant during pregnancy. But taking maternity boudoir photos can help overcome them. Find out how posing in front of the lens can turn things around when you’re feeling less than perfect about your pregnant body.


maternity boudoir photos


Maternity boudoir lets you confront your inner critic head on!

The only way to overcome fear is to face it. The exact same philosophy applies with a maternity boudoir shoot. You may loathe looking at yourself in the mirror – seeing your belly, thicker thighs, and breasts. But beneath all of these physical changes that you loathe, there is that lurking fear. Fear of not being accepted (by your husband or closest loved ones), the fear of not being worthy of love, or the fear of simply not being ‘enough’.

Acknowledge that it’s time to confront those feelings and fears. And this is true not just for pregnant women, but all women in general! A lot of women who book a maternity boudoir shoot do so as part of a search-and-rescue mission. It is a way to re-discover and re-claim your old self. It is a moment of epiphany! If you let fear get the better of you, insecurities will continue to dwell in your mind and in your heart.



Taking maternity boudoir photos allows you celebrate THAT body!

You know THAT body that you loathe? It is growing a child inside and in a few months (or weeks!) time, it will introduce a life into this world. Doesn’t that make you feel powerful? Doesn’t that make you love your body?

Doing a boudoir shoot doesn’t change that fact that pregnancy is a real challenge. There will be lots of pain, struggles, and insecurities. But when you start to look past that and focus on your body as a vessel of life, and not just a superficial image of what your body is supposed to look like, everything will transform.



You’ll enjoy a shift in mindset.

As a professional boudoir photographer, I’ll make you feel comfortable during your maternity boudoir shoot. Most pregnant women are doing boudoir shoots for the first time – so feeling awkward is quite common. But doing this shoot can create a subtle shift in your thinking about the female body. You’ll learn to embrace your insecurities because you’ll realize that these things just come along with the experience. Insecurities should never make you feel any less amazing for being a mom! Let me show you that. Contact me today, and let’s chat about your maternity boudoir goals!