December 9, 2014

Natural beauty…


Shooting a model was never my dream… However, capturing beauty of a girl who just had 2 babies and look smokin’ hot – that’s my thing!!!  I am extremely proud of what I shoot.  I am even more proud that women reach out to me and give me the freedom to create something amazing!  I am so honored to create something for this girls to feel good about, to take it home to their loved ones, friends, moms and say – I rule!

Collage 1 Boudoir-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Lina-0008 Boudoir-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Lina-0001-2 Boudoir-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Lina-0007



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